Fake Post Frientervention

Tuesday, September 5th

Did Jenn's friend go too far? Should she confront her?

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball. When and why you have a friend post something online we know why. I had pink had not see your breath so. Can't read minds this event and I need your help but did tell me whether or not I need to stay Jeffrey intervention on this one. I'm so if you've got any advice for a four season 30941. I made notable story and I say Saturday. I don't know he might he might disagree with yourself after you hear this hosts are you ready bring it. And that so. Up front and posts a sonogram picture you know the one it's black and YE their shadowy figures and it's a lot of times how people announce their tendencies on FaceBook. So she doesn't I. I was there at those things way too long because I can't figure out like a tarmac with a baby isn't staff might set the baby's head aura putts. And he and I feel bad. Yeah it's a good profile you can tell where the head isn't in the body and then maybe some squiggly arms and legs well. She posted a some grim picture. And there's two ahead in so you can clearly see it's a sonogram of twins and doom OK and this from my who doesn't live in towns hope. Of latest doesn't guitar. She says. Just what I thought our chapter was close and I like all I. She's. And miss a friend of mine who lives. I had anti issue isn't Kansas. And she has four children a little boy well blonde kids there all adorable she's the type who smokes them with mommy Graham's and all the cases they have their little family. And does that mean smock some. Uncovers them know that the smock says and you know this mocked outfits it's a very traditional southern. Fancy siren. You how it's like it'll John John's I'm. Now there tension back that name to two million side exact I do not know your return soon yes exactly. CE. She is she looks like she should be from Texas like a big blond and fluffy hair anyway. And I look this friend we became friends in college okay says she's is just I thought our chapter was cosmic saw. She does. She says I didn't think this year can get any more busy but it looks like 2018 is gonna get even busier. We were certainly not expecting miss and one is tell everyone personally but with everything going on we haven't had the time. These two are due in March 2018. We can't wait to see the happiness and chaos they bring. Neckline. We don't know who the parents are but copy and paste a freak everyone else out zero. I'm G stands. I've seen man. And so it's a total how do. See man because we will like in any time high heat on me. Julie now lives alone you guys guides and that's too bad okay. He's from any you can't help that. Trying to act. I know I may have like so offensively it maybe it's because before we had our kids I struggled with getting pregnant. And every post online of a friend getting pregnant was like another. Punch in the gut. So this this she's joking about it. Jimmy is still a fan of yeah on the defensive and I'll tell me. I mean our really but I haven't ever had kids are had that straddles so for me it was just like I knew punk like Larry. I and that's why I think she definitely think IC was being joking joking but I was like oh no no no no you can't joke don't that. Lorraine did she say. I do you agree and AM did you regenerate sure. Aggregate content Patrick wrote that you went quite well struck. Children at outdoor lights all joke about it at some want it put it let it hit some people subtle infertility is a hands and pop baby and either hit your marks outs it black and white now. Dock it horrible. I put it in this screen category as you can't. Joke around about eight or use a dead grandparents as an excuse it's not really dead. But you you can say I needed to finish this project my grandmother passed away if your grandmother's living has its site. Putting occurs on the whole fan on your grandmother you can't sit in a wheelchair. If your legs are healthy. It's so rude rude act like I would never gonna find out I'm all night I. This you've been I mean it knocked the wind out of me I saw I am telling you I saw it within five posts of another friend who's been posting about her IVF journey that keeps failing. And she's been so open and honest about it like not this time. All the money all the time although emotion invested not this time again. Laura another friend that's like I'm gonna take a break from trying because they can't different I mean literally within five posted that she's joking. About being pregnant it's. How life can people go back to dispose and low key political things on FaceBook and other. Tough content winning in Smyrna. Pay. Again it's only Atlanta I'm I'm I'm Lance. And I'm whom I think he did it click OK thank you different and you let it out that airs immediately and leave. Again. Yeah they're sort of like Exxon. I. I know people like get automatically assuming Romney another one of those pregnancy announcement and then they read and I think I got pegged it yeah hi there when he's like when you say is just scroll line and last. And last up. And she's got to take this to own she doesn't know how rude and offensive in buffalo could be. So here's the thing. Jen is do you want her to take it down because it offended you because I think that's what Whitney was saying what it didn't. You just scroll lime fright or do you want her to take it down to prevent other people from being offended by. If you if I was doing something or saying something offensive and had no idea I was being offensive I would want someone to tell me you remember that time I called you on that. I don't know how tight end three minutes how they would you did this. Year IG did I told you. Star in 941. I did your sister and even showed this morning and we are talk about is supposed to front line made on FaceBook. I find so offensive and I'm wondering if I need to stage of my intervention masking his take it down I suppose today sonogram picture of twins and did this whole saying you can leaving everybody you might even Venus from your friends saying. Yes this whole thing leading up about how they're expecting twins. Different minority has four kids. And then the last line is we don't know the parents are about copied pasted freak everyone else out to. Pay. And Caitlin in Woodstock. Is Jane overreacting is this is a phony poser should she get her friend their heads up that she's certain some feelings. And I love you you'd. That sensitive. I just did so and toughen up on top so many people struggling with getting pregnant and that would be their favorite thing in their whole life suppose she's posing like a joke it just seems like. Rude to me. Laura and gain Zell the agreement Jen or our idea contends he too sensitive. Shall I fully agree with you and and I think it's. I don't think it's so much and it maybe just in an ad that won the lyrics they. Let you can't really you know I had amidst carry myself but each. You know and your concrete at that point where. You've had a sonogram and an eight minute and then it happened the way he has that whole different light. So it isn't somebody joked about. Being pregnant and then saying a load nevermind it's just kidding. It really didn't think I would say eighty Turks. And tell her that you know. Hurting people without re kick right it never had that complication it you're it's scary. I understand that we've gone through it I I totally tacky and under her. And that's exactly what I had a duty and I can't you leave you don't remember it well it was when you're working at the country station. I'm just remember coming in studio. And it was Wang and the Catholic Church was using a new Pope. Load rye and I knew I was posing a tweet about all the weird outfits everybody was wearing. You heard it yet and you made a joke about the process of selecting a new open like all the pomp and circumstance around it but I mean it was definitely a joke it was it was a tweet and I can't remember exactly what it was. But I I came in and I said. Like I've got a sense of humor and I'm politically incorrect and I'm Catholic so this doesn't particularly offend me but if you leave that out you're gonna get hammered in your right what do you mean out okay. It's just funny that we're silly outfits and they got one did you have a vote or you know whatever was allow. I'm just telling you. Guys outside of Vatican looks like they were court gestures and like climate customs or sun does something about that. But I did take it down after he told me about it I think I did not know I think you relied I don't think it'll be that bad. Hadn't and nearly an hour later realized I didn't sound tech and oh yeah I was that bad and I understand but see I appreciate you tell me that it was offensive skill and he did teller. She just may not now just senator private message emulate is tonight he's a low key just FYI in just sliding you're not planning DMZ ambulance and people. I'd really be hurt by the Aztec funny not funny as tag manager of all local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.