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Friday, September 1st

Atlanta has come together to help Houston, and the victims of Hurricane Harvey, in so many amazing ways


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. We look for the good news stories to. Not bad headline circulating around inundating your inbox and your Smartphone and so we wanna fill up with positive news and good stories this exhibition is focused on hurricane Harvey relief efforts. And some of the incredible stories of love and compassion or out for our. Our neighbors in Texas. The guys that. Outpouring of support has been really terrific to see despite the horrible images coming out of Hughes and James first story has to do with the Atlanta based chick filet. Coming to their rescue. This is such a cool story because there was an elderly couple trapped in their home and they couldn't get anyone on the phone for rescue so they called their favorite checks ally. Okay the store wasn't open but the manager was there he called around until he could find a friend go rescue them on a jet ski okay. So the husband called the store is JC spent. I called chick filet now that's sounds kind of signing that I ordered. Two grilled chicken burritos with Dexter egg and a vote. Yeah we have a lot of flooding in the area I'm not the only one that actually committed to our location. I'm we needed to check the seat just don't have Friday or the need some of our kicking around. I'm and the phone was going off all all the day long I am just happy to see the caller ID I'm on the phone calls it was actually mr. Casey. I'm there I recognize now as one of our our regular guest account and every day. I'm excited answers won't just welcome to slow number it to be open that there Syracuse column or lose his seat this group for read a bit extra X I. And once yeah. And in that exact moment I was OJT's can't go home and and didn't help flee into that where's Cindy the other manager was able to get her husband and four of her neighbors on the boat and jet ski all the way over. So where he lived. So the guy happens to me this is when you know there's something bigger worked at a guy happens to be standing near the phone and hammers to look at the caller ID and recognize the name of the person calling as a friend. As a regular customer now than every single day and that's what saved him and his wife's flat. So claw. I there is a school here in Rome Georgia had the elm street elementary school and they came together to raise collect water bottles for. Parker. Victims of party and their goal is got a 28000. They're already at a 100000 on. Would really surprise me at this school 90% of the students are and some various form of lunch program does is it a really wild super. Well law school and they're still they immediately stepped up there one teacher Melanie Harrington helped organize it and they're just pouring out of their herds. If bill makes me so. So incredible. It's amazing sales for the The Home Depot is sending materials. You know to help clean up with the recovery efforts and they sent out literally truckloads of materials as Home Depot could android but they're also donating a million dollars. Towards the support of hurricane army like relief efforts and Texas and Louisiana because we can't forget Louisiana got hit Ming ton to do. And on the so they've donated a million dollars and our friends and Delta Airlines are thinning out and they call a rescue flight to Houston and so it's gonna have a ton of supplies on and relief personnel held their employees and I've been there already they got a ton supplies on the plane and then they're gonna be able to bring back some of the employees who've been there and also I'm actually some of the customers who have been waiting. On a flight and my son I mean these are hundreds of people so this is going to be kind of a continuous. Rescue flight is what they're calling it was just so incredible. I'm not afraid to admit but I got a man crush on Arthur Blank check. I love this guy. I mean he starts Home Depot right any doesn't like I don't. I'll make him a field but he did you in ceremony is like twenty years old he's Alex and Google entrepreneur he start it quite as an adult romance turns it into one of the biggest. Companies in the world then he'd I get out. Out of the bed Home Depot business stays in Atlanta changes are landscape right with Mercedes-Benz stadium idea and falcons without any united. Right he dances we enjoy when good things happened. And when people leave him. He steps up huge. Assist in the Houston area recovery. Arthur Blank is going to match up to one million dollars. For every fan donation. Made to the Red Cross disaster relief. Daddy's got the Arthur M blank Family Foundation and the fans and supporters. Both teams when united and the Atlanta Falcons how can make a donation and are survivable double edged up to warn that million. A link that's so incredible thank you are back to the Arthur M blank family foundation of our web site and then if you make your vacation through there. I know they've. One dollar counts too thanks Arthur. On the Arthur Blank when I grow up. Totally I'm. We have a whole page ads are 941 Atlanta that come with ways you can help the victims of hurricane Harvey if you're doing something locally and religious text ads that page please share with us we're updating it at least once today. With things you can do there's a million different ways you can get touched on this. Yes it definitely you can now reach out to all of us through stunning 41 Atlanta talk. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.