Kelly cheese Update

Thursday, August 31st

OMG she did it...


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Kelly she's at the weirdest request this week from. One of our listeners what and who want it hurts if you want fado and Tony second video. She made her decision family decided to deal and then. Did he is very happy about this because it's somebody who's saving us pennies for a wedding he's I'd tell you're gonna get fifty dollars. For doing some for twenty seconds who cares how creepy it is Dick York fashion you know. How much that equates. Our I want to point yeah yeah twenty seconds fifty bucks I'll do the math. No idea what we're talking about tell us about the email you back I have is a really weird well it was weird how my email and it says. Kelly I enjoy on the radio. Minus this'll seem odd but I don't ask then I'll never know when can you make a choice again videos you've feeling a potato and he is very specific he didn't want me to use a sweet potato. He wanna me to do whatever paper towel not the trash in the same and he didn't want anyone else and the video. He said he Manley fifty bucks in cash in the radio station the day after I posted. Who came and you have foes say that I have a minute last night and he'll take. And I judge and Internet your found. Are in Sudan account is starter 941. Atlanta. OK okay and you knew that perhaps someone. Sent some kind of sent Jan instill Graham is a photo sharing web. Yeah in and out on it I get the senate for and you picked a very special song community that I did. It's how we can continue to yeah. There until it's in suggests. It's so large grass it would say. I got into Elam my aunt that means just a baking detail yeah yeah our intention fruity Scioscia issues to be aloof from lewd things. I got a I got a good solid and I. Was shocked and Kroger. Food and dozens republics but that's that's not the way there yeah but I thought to myself you know I got to get in get to take them. Thumb and I did and I think I handled great any off I think my hands looks and a you do have a nice manor care. Well wait a teacher or something yellow light workout many. OK you got an old circle dealer sales oh yeah metal no plastic no obsessing about these volley for five years old. This is the weirdest thing that I will do all week I've just watched. A loop of Kelly she's killing a potato yet. A six times it's funny segment on Alan ending illness I am dealing in onto a paper towel and I even put the paper towel role in their seat and see what kind of paper towel he used and what that was in I was a paper our own right there I see a. And then with the song in the background. And she had stagnant potato go land that. I'm tags and they tell us yeah insists I was sitting at the songs that empower and I'm kind. Now all we do is we just watched the mail and wait for your fifty bucks. You're very deliberate haste Kelly it's very slow. I wanna slice my hand that comes again as pretty old. And gory scene going. And you're trying to have played for the song kinda nice. I know I'm making sure we'll spend many and so I. Comments that are already coming in okay. Oh yeah appealing appeal it really. And the team and around thank you name. I hope whatever he does that the video you can make it look realistic. I. Love van and bags of cash in energy use how RA. The in Sudan account star 941 and Atlanta. I go there hand. This is the weirdest thing in my beverage and yeah area radio career tell mom and I am common sometimes same and I am doing wrong. Nice people laughing about the song Vienna's great I'm so glad in this town. All right now you and now we wait for the cash tour I don't let us down Glenn. Do you not let guys down the glad know. That all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.