Confess Your Crush: The Ex-Step-Sister

Thursday, August 31st

Their parents ended up breaking up, but now this ex-step sibling wants to be more...


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Fresh on the desk and send show this isn't segment where we make my. Yeah but it also gets pretty awkward somebody can best for their crash victim to be pretty brave to do it but. And it worked out okay. He got a risque saying that it is OK okay. You infinite future sepsis are not welcome to convince your crash on the jet engine show how are you. There are doing good. Well there's gonna look at. Thanks (%expletive) I asked him now or later why you wanna do this time. I don't eat it. Well I don't see. I out of control ourselves. But you know when I was younger. My dad. And that this woman and you know he got together and meet on the map my brother and and this woman and she had a daughter obviously a reality editing I got married or anything like that those comedies like you know little. Dating thing could be. I can't solve together. And I eat out about that time was stating it's all about sixteen you know they lose we screwed up seats. Good I long to Austin, Texas. And Tuesday trains and go to certain critical arkansas' Julio and I didn't. No lesson on the daily talk let. So I just isn't I'm glad you're talking about that Dodd earned. Of the woman your dad is dating right now the woman your dad is OK okay downloaded daughter's honor yeah. Okay and what's turning yeah Megan Megan McCain. And maybe one the that you have the crash John's lawyer. I'm assembly Democrats and yourself sister. Anything. Yeah you're out like that data aren't aren't and that Danny never got many it's it's you know. Look at that I can improve your reality ends up good you know they never got married so it's almost like an excellent leader and then alerted me. I'm only now haven't done or might actually meets on their own political week I can't assess. Right now I'm right. But they dated for six years in young lives together so you're a teenager and although the town Tarik has an Aaron. I mean honestly you know balance. I'm really early on coming live like I said Ehrlich alone in just sixteen until it. Now let's talk taking into account like you know pay as you pretend. I heard in any mood light record sixteen in Iraq and that's when the red leader cracks that develop pain in Nancy you know more. On FaceBook hasn't got older person hide man she's she's awesome pit. OK ma'am as a senator is not a good mom back story can now Howell. Do you even know her as adults I mean I can see this is like a puppy love crash when you're sixteen years old but now your Dole's. Are you in the same city like what's the story now. Well no she's in Austin and I'm actually going to be heading out to Austin this weekend. So. You know aren't. At that I your card that you can talk much at. All right so years ago laying allow. Okay I and yet this you're 24 years old now. Does that rank. To directly or longer there and you haven't seen her. At all in the past eight years. And that you know just a little paperwork is going to come in echo elegant looks like it's such fictional couple we have not. He took it personally in person. So do you have any NBA season relationship or not. I'm sure he's okay now in the car carried out honestly not seen any runs hard I know. A kind so we're about to column. You'll learn. X stepsister her even now. Really didn't literally married but they leave together over five years than the developmental years yeah that's that's more than 20% of his life. He lived we designer room. I when you step sister. Well so yeah I do very sound so bad. You think you would be in a different head space if your dad in your ma and her mom got married. Elliott definitely I think it's so those that. This case relationship they had made in connection that they are actually ever eat popcorn and and it is not about to speak he. That's just a totally different animal and in my life and her mom don't talk at all anymore you know here and talk on that an earlier round out her mom. I can stress your crack. Up and being around that says that steps and and is she gonna be in shock. We don't do really well. It's okay. I hate I give us three minutes and we will see if she wants it to mound that's walls find out about her relationship and insurance now has who has a crush on her and if he answers yes Tom. So you give you confessed your crash. It's news Meghann. The way it's almost just at just over five years and dominate. Star in 941. Being gay you are just joining us on the jet contention that's why we are in the midst of confess your crashing into my mom. Crush on what is essentially. His ex best. Give an advantage. You sure you want to do just about. Yeah I mean it is unrealistic. Austin sensation after NN correspondent. Yes from me any good. The man up and India. I I'll what are it is made a phone call to her rate now and then welcome back to you you can confession crushed or okay. All right or good I guess lack. All he instead since. Not really but kinda yes seeing this I mean like mad hot senate run there. Kelly I well blood related to these hi Gerri any. What's her name again ties messianic. Time you make and it's Jeff inch and sorry you can't bury your head. We are calling it we is time to assume really good and exciting news. But before I share that with you I just entered a quick question. Are you currently in a relationship without anyone. I call right so here's the exciting news. Somebody. On this planet. Has a crush on me. I. We wanna know if you're at all interested in knowing who this person my day. A little while and thinks they you're really isn't many for a long time a lot of time yeah. I know it's kind of a strange calls to get from a radio station but it's. I decide this is just and normally we would find out all these really great things about you but this guy was just. We forgot to ask those questions you'd think. He thinks highly of view so I know that so we're sorry we don't have more more amateur game. Come Megyn I have a question. And you you know anybody that would have a crush on you or anybody that you had hoped it would be. And you're still raining it was a compliment and they're zero chance. Gnashing my now I think he'll now. But you know meet Carl why don't yeah. Mean. I only practiced and went to college which had a crush on me to mention on. Shia shrine may sign. Would that be a good thing if true this time. And seen him since college so maybe it would be different. When we don't know. We've got to be super shocking and solves any urge John's voice of that really shocked you. Really now and is there anybody out there whose name we can say that would shock the answer right out yet. I don't think so I have no idea well yeah in for a treat I. I anybody else you would hope they would beat. We. I have a crush her co worker but I don't think even he didn't have any kind of sexual attraction for me. Parents sexual attraction counts and bury it. We're gonna come back in three minutes in the person who has a crush and you will reveal themselves CEO and are prepared to be shocked I think. Wash her campaign. This is he most uncomfortable I have been doing this (%expletive) And like we can in the end of these things we completely forgot to get the description and all that. I mean OK I three minutes from right now we can back and Maggie and finds out. Move from her past has a crush on her damage and Jarrett pressure track. Stand before live yeah. Young star and 841. Eat in what could be the downstream just admission. Your crash that we. On the champions and show. No we shouldn't make and she is 34 years. Somebody from her pat has made Big Ten question her she's good she definitely would like to find out who lived and she confirmed press that she's single. I still magnate if you're ready to find out we will. Turn the floor over to the person who has impression you are you ready. Let's do it I kind. Pressure pressure it's pressure of first to distinguish silence are he and doesn't matter she data was Sean Anderson do work that she wants to get with. Yeah okay I guess so yeah is ready for the Ernie almighty god I'm squirming. I I crush her. Reveal yourself to met again. Term. There. Can turn. I'm very. Oh my gosh I can't. We're told. Her yet. I'm I'm good how are you. One who did. I don't you had a crush on. I hear. Around there's a shared. You know last. Wow. I I had no idea it. Firm. That would approximate. Complete zone. Between north and I think it. Mind blown hot. Yeah I don't know I would not expecting an evidence. It's kind of I don't love connections slash am weary years here in this. Off I have made it the same time. Yeah I am sure. And and you know how to go about it on the saints they're gonna be weird I don't know they weren't good either they spoke her. You know I didn't ask why can't they had and I didn't need it now obviously English or out of. Got a good arm. Bet I'm gonna actually move in. Austin next week it. Our end. Yeah. Let down my own a bit. Thank you know live on CAA so. I found. In any of course it didn't seem right I don't know. Never never populated had a yeah. Yeah really. Tom let anything that did you think of a brand like brother. I learned that I mean aren't part of him that way you know X. But as a single mom now who's dating and I got. Because now he's your brother in LAD. Used any kind is its entire do you have in the brother cat yeah last time he. I think it couldn't have been pouring into my brother we were never really prediction are we just kind of are forced to code ish together. He's in the family members who asked thinking yeah I guess that's. QLC and that's an. That's about any question you can tell me epic you know. Let's look at what I don't know I can round word where it. Can you know hope the dollars spent a lot of traffic and I know. That. While we're still working here Jeff Lenard process this what words come to mind meg and when you think of me you know god yeah. There may enter just think that. That's. Are you OK and we share of time your contact info and then. You guys can act and maybe see each other I don't. I absolutely. You know I can't control disclosure I'm not making it. Concert band who could depend connect now. Yeah I mean toilet saying it's it's it's cracked up Theres something in its cash out and no one can conclude each other. Chart because it broke probably very drown out. You could bring some daily photo albums and all right so I made in wall. Gives you or would have time you're into gang. Actually I'd hang in prime time diet. I don't know what to do all the information does not face but he can and I hit he misses her his number I mean Harry thank you tell them I. I can buy you some manual. I it's just ass dude are you seriously into this or you just being nice kids Casey was on the found. Mean I don't know I won't get my gut is telling me noted that we are not good eating. Thirteen minutes and yet but my pets and avoid seeing somebody just clinched. Crashing into the boy now is this current or irked. You never ever thought I I'll man my kind of stem Brennaman not really so brother is kinda cute you never thought that why Simmons. I'm fascinated by cycle we're saying is tears coming out net. I. Think okay cool I come thank you Maggie and urged thank you. Changed. Good morning Trey welcome to the sheriff and I don't think. This. Why can't you always go out there. I was like a big that was a big awkward Arnie yeah and. You I everybody's got what he did that and the dominant and got rabbit out. I don't know I love and they'd gotten. That's the way it well it's. I was gonna say that's the root out where we're supposed to find out all the great things that he likes about her and they really so we call her out and Wear light and a leg. And I know I got out of all of you can go to kinda like that I hit it. Right. I'm okay. I'm into my. If you do get creepy things like that. The last. And as we got ourselves is all like that creek stars aligned or something you are hanging white and anybody know again each at bat every out in my in my head and again trading here's. And five minutes. We're gonna talk we've Mandy. And Mandy. Actually had this happen in her family. That it resulted in a marriage. That was a decade long. There's still near the right. We'll find out and five minutes we grabbed me and me being Atlanta. Next time that the Japanese game show. Star in 941. Can pass your son Jesse and show has great body of buzz thing now as. Needs to enhance his passion is. The former. Sister yeah. Early primary suspect it was still. Really really awkward though us demanding has called because. Her or is this her. It's may vary day to what is sort of kind if they act dad's brother brave nanny. I've had dated someone and Brothers yeah. The and it didn't get mad. At their record and and let that they had that they eat it yourself ever saw. Right I urged its peers and they range at each other one day eat and I. Color. And if I get there hasn't alliance. And we can't Rebecca thereof package to bring me. It's like that I've been urging lawyers. Wow they are still married now. Extremely happy. Properly cared more like it but tanking out. Gary Condit did. There Jim. And I had to do. He batted and that's what they learn it or not they're light at its. Or adult they started out for any it claim. On bag it's gonna come any banks Mandy. Hey Tracy welcome to the show. So what's your thought on this confess your crash. Well I am I had been yelling at the radio every time you guys shapes and you know they're here practically broader than just now or not. Their parents or never charity they were forced to live together our children because of a decision that they're urged me to protect American living in households. I want. The long time ago there are doubts now she absolutely nothing wrong which would mean a crush on a unit what a lot of while without it Albee is potentially putting on. Should've just connect with her and then just let a relationship evolved from the. Tracy the only thing that he got right was the way he went about it to do it on the radio yeah and Cessna I don't. That I got hey bullies say it's a fifth. Thanks Jay-Z thank you say CN. Some man they welcomed the show. I don't sell off. Hello Tim. That you're I ever laps. I think they were waiting IRA now. I was gonna say what was it like listening to at all. Play out did you do the same way your head tend to examine your shoulders even though you're not involved at all. Like a home and let it billing and isn't bad at. Is this is I always tell the brother like this I'm not gonna cut it off with them back into the dating Eddie are you telling preacher out. Add tags and capitalists and yeah we're gonna post this a timeline so you get to work today you wanna tell your friends. I terribly awkward that your favorite radio show is you can provide them with evidence now we have looked at them on board and banks and back. Yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.