Talk Nerdy To Me

Wednesday, August 30th

Pickup lines for all you nerds out there! PLUS we made a hilarious song just for DragonCon.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. We've got forty passes tagging come. If you would like them we would like to hear from you. As soon as we wrap this up we will take collared 25. And you can get a pair of four days dragging kinda figure. A couple things we have to handle before we give there's a way down. Want to drag in town that night life earlier today we talked about the dragging come parade which happened Saturday morning which. Jan and her daughters are very excited about there are gearing up to go we're gonna be very checking out all the cost seems. And soon everybody on the parade on that Saturday morning by its Friday night Saturday in a Thursday in new. A lot of people who are going to be wearing costumes that reveal a lot of scan. Drinking a lot of held yeah open buyers follow emerge jaguar. Old man every hotel and he got us allied catwoman in Batman and there's people turnaround is going to be allow. Out of Wonder Woman. Hey girl UCL a lasso. Hey guys I'm gonna drag your invisible flame and listening to avionics and I don't mean to be insulting a lot of these people don't get out much. Now and it interacting with one another and this is fun time for Coca growing up at cat oh I am so excited. I'm Jim mentioning me and told him I know I also don't get out much Andrea how much. In time to me he told her engineer engineered a single woman. Will we ran for a different costumes over the course of the weekend and along with some folks that are online. Jimmy has created some pickup lines these could use while you're at the hotels this week and I Jean please share some of your pick up lines and know that we might ask you to explain Kelly okay about it. Let me set the ones I'm faced with some of my favorites are you from Star Wars because you'll delicious. Ron Santo lives and all you. Maybe we don't need a holiday I'll make all your fantasy come true path. And as a holiday when I mean that's friends I check there is a O 90 okay. Very plays in the ship called a holiday query you can. And program any. And CNN alike. So you can get side island an of the Soledad and have twelve copies. And I can play with puppies and their kids against whoever you didn't play with my views on like. Puppy planet. It's terrible so wet and cool says translating this is we don't need a fantasy land because I am. And that's what it's baby let me be your holiday act again. You know they have fun and Palin to use solo. As comes. Ted. Don't UT made me switch the music. If Harry Potter I think I'll like three or four Harry Potter on men who watches that. I love hearing from high okay you need while now yeah okay you know I mean Ronald Weasley and reduce class. I gene's gonna hit and Kelly using Harry Potter and give it zero DJ name medal because on makes you know I'll. Not in my heart only I. What a slowdown in my chambers at times and so they know who's who what's and I did the murder and hanging is moaning myrtle she's that goes to diet at the school and she is eighteen too kind. Okay one of us live there in my chambers of secret okay yes I did yeah. I don't know LA critics position you claim that you look like keeping a ha ha ha. That's the best position is that. Now that's a seeker yeah. I mean you can't eat me out okay. And hey you won a plane I PGA of my own I PG stands for role playing game. And yes. And end this and I love it fury transformers you'd be optimist by. Dead dozens are already busy again. So dragging kinda signed this weekend to celebrate that. As a gift to everyone who enjoys all things dragging down this it is. Our son. For you. He's coastal west. There's no. Passenger on the play. You said no. He's someone I'm. You can play. Thanks for making this wedge and today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.