What He Did While I Was In Labor

Wednesday, August 30th

Stopping at Chick-Fil-A might not be the best idea while your wife is in labor in the back seat...


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One start now before one and. Holiday has an incredible full. But does it have this kind of I hear your stories of what he did it while you were in labour you know the story we go he's nevertheless. Just down. 4042630941. If you wanna share your stories and there's a bad guy in North Carolina who was driving his way to the hospital. Her name's Lacey his name is Wes because North Carolina and his rumbling tummy and the best and so these songs of the chick fully tried thorough. And the chick filet folks to take a picture of them in their on their way to the hospital with him picking up food just for him let. Yeah his news hungry any need to know how long they would be before they got into a room or whatever luckily for him it was her look fourth was their fourth kid together some ice dancer she's like whatever this is fine he's still is never gonna all of that down now he's the guy he's he's back ice chips lay lawyer and labored. Seriously think honey can just come down this contractions I'm gonna get some awful fast so the question is. What was he doing. While you were aim at labor. Outscored 6630941. As an amber hey Nicole. He was doing watch while you are delivered in your baby. Yeah I. It's being called tank. Do you like whose arm on me right now. Hey. I just again Lorenzo can relate to that first couple. Yeah. He had that chick filet. He left me and my error and that it. I'm at a gala and we got in 23. Hours later. Pled not. Three hours where what's inflated ego ten. Armored. Men and I was a joke about how far away from how and why was he gone for three parts. Outlets and eat a lot and art child didn't warrant. Like I guess he didn't Eritrean air that I had to wait a bother. And. ID EU is three our worst series all of iron and Motley a little cars handled not. And let this man you guys still together. No actually got it here. Okay I'll be Powell's sorry and I want to listen to many and I live now and I. Ultimately a good. Sign up. I really don't hear yeah he used through at some time past child loves you are only guys that you know way too skewed yeah. Know this I hope. Everything I have great decline in time he's a hanging out. Have a friend whose husband is a hunter he likes to go to Turkey. And she was expecting their babies she went into labor a couple weeks early so he was on hunting track. And you know when you're hunting you gotta be quiet so your phones are off so I. His phone was awesome and he let it die and wasn't answering he let I want. Jesus Jan. This phone died his phone battery die we can and does anyone have a story that and doesn't want to accept that so so she goes to the hospital and is in labor while he comes home from the hunting trip. And goes into the house and thinks that she's out shopping or whatever so he took them now okay. And literally she had to get in touch with neighbors to go bang on the door to wake him up from his now. To let him know she was in the hospital giving birth to their baby I mean it is the hospital in time. But he was not their sport any of the drama. Are you kidding. Laura and now for a and I want to musharraf's. K playing this. Now what I had been excited to data without limit so aim at it darted down and even drown. And I can't and in the first quarter and made into attacks in the hot but I. He's like rolled out of its north side our. Katie became apparent for a court everybody out. Since. Yeah I was pretty great team. More a game in Marietta. Yet somehow I don't even if Greg read only. Got to make Arnold a big match. Up well. And he wanted all that they are in while I certainly am and I each. Are you glad you're in the car with him is even offer you any thing any hey thank you know. Owner or anything like that. Now I have been tired and I don't like what beleaguered really on the planet first child. It like I eat and I hadn't hit the ultimate. Let me just supersize those I. Yeah I. But I didn't allow Vanilla shake it all shake machine and your. I don't thoroughbred days of the. I'll morally and 4042630941. When he was doing while you were aim at labor. We'll take more of your phone calls. After neon trees. And adventurous journey for one thing. NHL all star. Wide to his madness Sheridan you're doing while you were giving birth to your babies. Found a story the other day. Guys decide stranger did you play drive through. On his way to the hospital when his team labor wife next to him the cheerful employees thought it was hilarious Smith tech went viral. That's what we're asking right now for a 42630941. Kelly Enron's well what was he doing while you were in labour. And an over at their neighbors out drinking all night OJ came com. Now than when I woke him up indicating the kind chicken so. He decided he needed to show our urged and then it would be important to make walk us our. Struck quickly as they could contributor want. So please feel. You remind him of that all the time. Only do it now lowered the math and he's a lot so yeah. It got I was really afraid and have another awesome. I legs Jennifer in Marietta. What was he doing. MR loves it when you're in labor. We will result it would twenty bad and he dropped out pick up there are a couple of work. And that the doctor we're looking parties and I would work out. So he's like I gotta get this morning arc. At. Patty. I think I'm hanging on has suspended they did come right at some point. And I would out of it now I don't know where you can bet. Speculating that. What was it when Rosie teaching to suggested. He had. Actually the college ambassador to China and ideology. I would see your college professor sir I heard the age difference that's out. It. Surge Jennifer hot for teacher. Okay now. Let it. They sell in Atlanta loves the game at least. He wants all of the Star Wars may need that action back since this. Why didn't lay back or how long you've really earned. Yeah you're 24 hour days. Labor as you can imagine they're they're mad they. Yes that in the background won't breathing period contractual and good dramatic music with feel like honey honey she. There is about to speak then beyond that it's a down everything wit what's his name. Okay you know I did the doctor please tell me this happened to the doctor command at some point and say. Daniel you are the father. Number yeah. Political news is bad it's dollars antitank. Syrians. Hey before you tell us this UNESCO when the attack and how much you paid did you name the past three or four years. Considering. This series. And came right it's in game. This is up and hey Syria woman. And labor Harden just bad jokes. Yeah rotation there. On me every scenario has great. I don't totally I totally you know degrading. And it. It's it. Speak that theory block the sale. Kathleen and wanna save up. Pay more and sell water broke in the middle of the night that was wing Likud leader of the hospital because he final shirt that he really wanted to where's. Lux murder sentenced in C and I want. Hey and then we get to the hospital and there there are nervous rain into the hospital and just left a cart and I had to go and I didn't. So he parks the car runs and he's like. Their programs and and and the nurses like. Crazy. Yeah pretty much pretty much and I it was common touch is it video camera like a little higher on the Seattle. Seattle. Todd thank you Todd Kathleen. Welcome edited and. We can keep this going right unfazed wrote I had it's our dot com slash Jeff and ginger it's a simple question. While you were in labour what was he doing. So awkward today. Usually use is after right. Michel star. We thought we were done with this there's Juan more calm we need to take. There's hundreds of what he was doing while you were on. So I Kerry and same LO. Might end of good morning. That's how I don't let them. I was in labor and ultimately the rim obviously and my sister my best friend my husband how hungry we do get bump into each. Actually not go to that later by ex boyfriend mark in my room this. Well why and yes I looked up almost like what. He ran into my husband downstairs in my house instead of what do you ordinary he'd tell my wife and that maybe two weeks ago and make you what are you ordinary that I. No Terry does Eric and the baby he decides to come upstairs to see me the most uncomfortable thing I can't ever encountered. Thousands of pacing slowly here. I'm I mean this is a dumb question but what was your husband thinking. I well I wish I need your. Signals are. Do you want our grill you are bad yes but I don't now. When you cannot get to the red light you know I'm in the middle of labor but I like what or why eight Y eight. I'm not a well I'm not a one man. I'm for the most part but ice being kids dads and cracked me if I'm Ron ladies but the delivery room is not a place where you just want people to command and hang out. Now. Definitely not. Definitely don't want any extras especially axis Smart a private party usually a little more VIP yeah velvet rope exclusive situation. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.