The Weirdest Request Ever UPDATE

Wednesday, August 30th

Is Kelly gonna make the video?!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Japanese yen shell ol' ball so let's chili cheese decide about that stream music email she got rid. Wet season. Turbulent and stayed out. If you didn't hear yesterday he had exact email pulled out okay this is what Kelly. Brought to the table yesterday and said. What do they do with this. As is comments and emails from a listener and that says Kelly I enjoy you on the radio and and missiles seem like an honor class but if I act I don't ask then I will never have. Can you want to make it funny Sega video be appealing a potato not asleep today. And which by the way I love that line yes I'm very particular a man who knows anyone's. As I say apart and yet I. But I would like you see the server paper towel not into the trash or the saint and no one else should be in the video Iowa man you sixty dollars in cash to the radio station the day after you posted this thank you Glenn. Chad before you give your thoughts and we dive into what the people on the Internet set I would just like to say that's okay. And keep people are like I am friends of mine relied wheel blood issue she's gonna get the money here's what I. What's a potato ran. A buck I reload studying on a pound for two dollars. C a two blocks it venture investment yeah investing two dollars you are time. Twenty seconds right. To upload the whole thing your investment will be five minutes. And two dollars. For potential return of fifty. I say if you don't do it you are down that's my that's my. Lou. My vote is not to do it because I don't want she'd be at any risk and I'm like mom bear this out and if so hating herself opulent entertainer. What's the risk you gonna me. I just feel like they're could be something strange about his request and I just won once you open yourself up to other strange requests. Coming from maybe he's in a sense. Maybe he's not but I wouldn't want you to put yourself in any sort of risk or danger my. I'm into fixing is there any. Comments so I think about that kind of thing from a girl Siri only girls and I did but request is weird that's why he's out front of fifty dollars. I don't I don't I'm well yeah I don't want my opinion then don't ask for a mile. I wouldn't think it's weird you can't tell me that someone weird is that has they'll people are in the hands people in fear he learned today does she you know like that. Didn't we do we did like SI hustle thing matching long ago our woman called in and dad said that she's wishes. And twinkies with her toes. Problem. Let Obama appealing a potato with my hand to meet and that judge me here I and he wants it effort if he does and it's like it could be something that he watches and it suits him. You know everybody's Kimmel. Loan weird. Yeah I don't think it's weird. JJ. If you don't do this we're not friends anymore. Happy dollars and that's what Endesa my wedding that's coming up and talk. I had to do deliveries for six hours is to get fifty dollars is one of my side. I recently Joseph is saying is Kelly is not invited if she doesn't it. Well yes she's invited she's the one who's making them mashed potatoes yeah hi engineer and our thoughts. I think even if it is weird people learn to really great stuff and it's a good chance of a picture or video posted that's weird Lee someone's liking somewhere. And you know why he can't. Live by experience so that's something that you don't feel uncomfortable doing it then you can't worry about what other people are thinking one way or another. So you do you if you feeling good did that thing you have never video camera. Now more. On the Internet police lineup that make everybody and the Internet lines have been right. Mean I mean people are offering to pay you more money not to do it again they are because they're saying that I am I. I would be subservient. To Amanda my feeling at all. Myself in danger if you are seen anything on my insecure and you know you can screen shot pages tired you have there that are a lot Larson Gionta and so I this and I I don't think it's that big of a deal. Why are you know I mentioned. I was here I'm I'm there about to ask well so why is your decision are you going to appeal the potato. On the Internet you'd damn I am. Now there's no other instructions and there's so what are you gonna aware of what he ain't gonna show your face. The only instruction is don't do it over an average Canada saying get in that he wants to kills the following a paper towel. Yes exactly so I I'm an opponent like a funky song in the background just a really like you know bring not I really what I meant about them whereas this one. Up its sale. You'll say no this song will be a surprise I think I just wanna make it better I want to elevate it. Nine. My face and it just my hands feel today. Over a paper towels not over the theater trash can and honestly it's not a save their real potato over a favorite towns. And you're a man can you give us a lot. He had no idea and this one guy is yet to see no prisoners for only his emails I. I'm Kathy in Marietta welcome to the south. It's. Yeah I'm praying that. She like more than fifty dollars and you don't know anything that you can't he can make it into an important area. And there's camera assured that can be done like that this image of Gerald yeah I think it's the nineteenth. So you think that he's gonna somehow rolled her potato I know. Audi second video and zero yeah millions. And your viral video that I think are worth a lot of money you don't know what he can teach me how you do it in Q. You get paid ad on the air rushing to speaking Arab serve or Viagra. Well yeah. And then the. Love the conspiracy. While. Eight Donald indicator has a theory. Yes Utley and how he's played this season she'd marry Hillary what on earth. You can also find that out by saying hey are you married no. Apologetic pleasing millions Diane. All right so Wayne are you planning and do in this comic isn't it okay ends when we we've posted tomorrow during. They show signs are posted tonight or tomorrow during the show I think you close it's hard during the show we I'll look at it at the same time I think so at this time tomorrow you can close at. It's of those I didn't okay yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.