Ghosthunting: Melanie and Leanne

Wednesday, August 30th

Melanie got ditched by her friends for sunday dinner! But could they have been onto something?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. It's reminiscent. High school and your whole group of friends. Suddenly exclude. You saw there are still hanging out. But you do no longer Indian. Or circle fast it happened to our listener. Melanie. First group of friends that invite her. Heard you sending dinners and she wants to know why she got ghost image from goes to sort of goes turning for Melanie here. People look ghost did you. Pro setting up the jet engine showed Janice say hello. Our new friends that money is tiny. What do we do play today though we tracking now. This site basically hang out his crew as far as hanging out of the script. Unused. Shared stories and news here about six months ago and and I basically sent this really me and and as cynical little group called friendly it's that twenty. Oh and down if they were outlet got these arms tenor sax and any good marriage and their little group a luncheon all hang out. Super try and believe me and and I've been you know hanging out and first look remotely manage and all that suddenly stopped inviting me. And now I don't I'm I don't know if they did you know I replaced them bombed out I don't know I would do it from being aired at and it Gemini that I eight. They had about it and act for a while it compatibility LA addict. At least that yeah. I was NSA so you went to lag it. Twelve consecutive he's had like three months of consecutive dinners and only then you haven't been included in one and how long. Newt. I'm truly believe. Like about. Right you heard a loud mouth. And so you know these dinners are still going on it and just cancel on the bank. I'm not trying to I was trying to group Chapman EPA can battery keenly and it actually went outside a locked the other day and I saw them all hang out like a father family. And that sort of disarmed and it happened Saturday and they are on me out to gather and yeah they aren't so doing it. So thin again an argument with any of them are selling like. Coco was on my the thing I can agree or. I've racked my brain can not figure out what I do and I really. Nothing specific type and it may really. What kind of hoping late maybe they're killing more but I Jack shot them all and leave very and they are already out I was sad I am like a I don't I don't know again. Did you lied. Engagement any of them like wave virgin stand pathetic a few feet away. How many did they use them or did you just kind of turn around and go the other way you know. Armed group. Well I was watching on Abdullah and they were laid out there and the other night that little Ebert I don't know how to create a torch yeah bode very seeing a sign that. That I was kind of bears without lights yeah. Only to mean I would shadow but there are some need to sit like yeah I kind of discourage job and it left the scene edits any thing. So who is this Leann person number calling issue like the head of the friendly or is she your closest friend in the group or what's her connection. I mean she's kind of like during mean amateur golf to the president started anybody. I mean she's gonna Matt Schmidt at first find out here and shoot she's super nice plane you have no idea. Now she's that I mean girls they can get you can't say that's a long haul so it might. Just let ducked under a bush on my feelings to be so hurt my feelings and be so hurt you can't. Xavier knew this to the city and you think he and his group of friends and so claimants. Just kind of ex Seattle those things they do you what happens then I take her down. I. Obviously there are a little bit then you tell us really music has really gotten yet look what we do. Give us 24 hours woke holly and get her to come on win as and then you'll get to listen and while we have a conversation with her about. Why you're no longer included in the frame like. Okay great he's so much out there and. You're welcome it's go signing a continues tomorrow at this time on the jet engines have. Star in 941. That. Let people who have goes CD. Seeing it this weekend gentlemen can show floor and Melanie who wants us to track down this river frenzy just ghosts of her. I'm and specifically working to reach out to Liane that's ahead of her friends. Do you think we should change Rihanna is named to the girl in mean girls Regina George in a jury. Well we're calling red GMAC today just for the record. I relate to you know the JT knew the name of the girl and that mean girls. Kelly she's Janine and Jen always looked at me like they come up. Regina George is butter. I melodies are ready to do this. Yes exactly arm and make a phone calls and we endured. Hall I don't put you on hold you to listen and I dad. Andre. A. Oh yeah yeah please. But this usually am mainly and it stand hobbies I'm Jeff intention no concern for one how are you. Okay Terry dill and Ed thanks for taking our call today you are here with the whole crew. Where senate dyslexia. Did you make sure. The Rivera resent that we are calling is because. A friend of yours is concerned it then she might be. Miss saying. Some invites. To a weekly dinner the you have. Unless trying to shut her name is Melanie. And she feels like all your whole group just goes sitter. Well I guess we kind of did. One lead and well we have it really Motley crew come in regularly for dinner at nice restaurants hands. I'm just saying that. That Madeline west and English to our group. She is it nice enough we like Kirk. Brent we are introducing a lot of beat yourself or really embarrassing to rush end. Why aren't it. Like laugh when you thank you don't behaviors and she is she a far because maybe she has spent the a gluten thing. And I wish you would. You know I I judged. People say they meet by helping to eat the circus. As cursor around them. Such and such I have to say Internet every time we go out Melanie embarrassment I sheiks we shouldn't yell across the aggressor on. Miners out search fingers. Call the all of them can certainty route to the servers who is learning to journeyman. Coached and has written this. I would and reached with tact. But nonetheless like that it. We just try to notch and I earning more. She snapped her fingers at a server. Oh more than once and people know I am day ticket cherub lashing about its deal. Now don't give a little bit I get drink stated mr. Extra extra distance. Did you explain viewers Baghdad instead doubled claps yeah servers attention so yeah there. All on Alston helped. Simulate another one another time well look up the floor and. Oh and let us. When you're with the person in the Santana server and the sir Thomson's table on Knight yeah what's your name O Jenn yeah okay I guess some ice in my water at those type of people on like I cringe as I sit at a table on president cradling. It's possible as we understand that she moved. To the south recently or to Atlanta at least recently some may be if she doesn't. If she was just raised an edge at one of those filthy northern cultures. A lot of it is just now it's where they teacher and change her ways can she be readmitted to the framework and. Really had to talk. Generally Nelson. Runs by that I changed I don't think during goats or should I still not sure known longer than the rushed. Traditional kind of. She's not a lot of unaware that this bothered here. Not at all on the first couple initiation helped out were numbered paper here. And I I asked why she would snap into mixed up in the changer we don't do that. Just they're just talking down to people like your daughter and that's how we operate. Now. How well. I will thank you for your honesty give our best of their resident's family. I will give them two countries and you sure from listening. I thank you think sleep OK. Okay but I pay so I tell he was the mean girl. Now. I know he was the main. I won't come back in three minutes and talk to Melanie and wrap up this week's episode goes sending and the Jesse James yeah. Star in 941. OK so we. Only hear and see Weston has saved herself please just think this sensing for her friend Leanne are expressly and crew explained that they stopped inviting Melanie to bear fruit dinners on Sundays he was so prelude to the server seeds severed fingers and so. Touchdowns defund treat breast cancer is really badly. Yeah. So I'm Melanie was able listen into that whole conversation with Leann so we'll we'll take a back up again. I'm Melanie was that an accurate description of your typical dining room behavior. I mean she couldn't. They overreacting but we always let me run Shani you know crowded Sunday in dire and it's hard to allow that we go to lake you know popular restaurants. Easy servers. I'm a very loud at like they came here I mean I mean I think it. That looked like part of their job of instead of you know try and have their eyes on anyone especially in there you know we have several people in the same restaurant. So are you actually saying that you think use snapping at us server a makes their job better. I mean I don't think that they I don't that's part of your job again topping out at but really crowded like you know yeah right I'm sure they want their tip to stoked again. Melanie this. Entire group of friends Roxy because of this but you don't think you needed change that I now. I mean I really connection site that's why Yahoo! action flicks the standard lead actor in a crowded restaurant I can't really. So Jesse where did you move to Atlanta from. Around the Boston area and. He. May be it's a regional thing so when you're out with your friends and your living embossed endanger other friends do this to light into how you got their attention there. Think we sat out Blu-ray yeah. And that until he and that's a row. I feel like it's different than hailing cab I Simpson out. You know as a human beings working right hand man items and any pain I feel like and vomit on kids screaming. It may you're even announced yeah. So look. So good as a server if you're so land especially on Sunday and everybody has own wives like your slant. You were walking around why Americans may snapping their fingers that it's like many things show patients first and that's to me seems. Impatient. I I didn't don't think you can make until after the election I mean you know at their planning apple actually pageants are very job like any immediate relief you know baker aide sometime wow I wish that I you know it's backlit keyboard and I have to ask. Attention Daryn I'd turn picture I get my order and he now has still helping them down. Not skip over me. I valuable thank you. They are nuts I gave back with climbing into scrambling gadget blog trying to any examined and living in the south. And they sell maybe don't do anymore. Yeah. Its sweet deals. They plug in America. Okay maybe just maybe asserted in his via a fierce style semi fingers at people insert. I love the fact that she's like and I'm kind of help them you know because it's a busy restaurant. As a server I hated cats yeah I need how do you this podium properly to it like you for your hand in the air and snapped. And I tomorrow we will show up I only met Jack yet. You are as you're walking behind the dirt throwing this afternoon. All you need to do is make eye contact with your server. Your hands full and they're busy they see yields now are you gotta do is make eye contact. He's the snapping or even like so little time in many ways that the way that's like about your head the last player they won't buy you make eye contact me like oh hey you know your hand doesn't really know about your gen fun and yeah. I hate or like one little finger yeah exactly that's the proper that's probably waited properly like sex yeah exactly that's snap your fingers now. Audience through. Sometimes I need your attention all right Jeff Jeff kind of why youth McNamee. First drink at all day. Tension grew to ditch their. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.