Gamer Chat Lingo

Tuesday, August 29th

Can Jeff & Jenn guess what these gaming terms mean? One lucky listener gets DragonCon passes if they do!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now. Dragging I mean is just days are way if you don't know what dragon con is is the largest. Pop culture and banks. In the big universe and the reason why the the people coming in today TL. For Labor Day weekend and is the reason you might be out to lunch with your coworkers your kids and seemed to storm troopers in the next minute. That's totally normal day today well we've got four or I. Don't get to 48 passes. We have on the phone where this Audrey and Tucker and Chelsea in Hampton and hello ladies. Hey I I and Audrey you in alphabetical order your first so who would you like to plan your behalf Jenn hobby or myself. I'm Nicky solo home row I untrue he got this I don't know what we're doing we have a we got it and include. And see Chelsea I say congratulations. Welcome to the winning team. And it hurts. And I Geneen. Is our residents. I teach here on the studio right in the studio she is the wind who knows all things pop culture on the all things gaming all things scifi. And he's got four different cause play outfits ready to go already for dragon con and so exciting guys you have no idea which cast me most excited about. Well I have to traditional I think this drizzle will always be my fitness for his own from missed results and the planet moon back. The magic school exactly is that classic yes. This isn't how do you does not sorry never heard and I. Really is the big thing when I was a kid it's how you learn on your science and additional yeah. I'd shoot she is getting MS what are these like codes that people use in gaming comes. Yes it's gaming chat lingo it's either going to be acting names or terms that people use usually in team Chad where when they talk about playing. In dean I do I MI. Allowed to consult with Audrey before I answer all our houses can mark him out here on your own cash and Audrey is just cheering for you Chelsea is just he's cheering for me that's saying I. I can't behind us sons are so you guys don't get it I'll try to hit you along and that not totally. I go to. So why why don't we do it late this why don't we do. Three of them here and then we'll come back in the two government whoever gets the most out of five OK either India Madrid and I really like us. I know I think we both of the guest is we're not. It was the F first went. Okay the prison and pay and not be pretty easy it's the term lag. Lag yeah yeah. Analysts say ICL ET we're lagging. Okay. My guess is it's an apology for playing too slowly. Not about guest. Is an analyst here lagging behind. Is it is that I am an abbreviation or is it okay it's just lagging like what led what is happening. I think it's time I think actually know this I think it's what happens when you have liked to make and one of those multiplayer games you have too many people like and the strain and it locks up. I Jeff is a lot more clothes. I hate paying start slowing down protect the technology issues. An excellent memory or air actually graphics on that other stuff. Can tell you are better keep. Tell me if I'm using this Frederick hey Audrey it seems that Jan is lagging he's been. In points right now is that accurate. Eight guy Christian Martier go I this was an accident what does RPG stands for her. And and it is a take his game that word gaining slaying of food and. And militant efforts and. Role playing girl Euro. I'm just go with more generic role playing game Janice Hamas. Yeah they got to pick your classic at a tennis nationalize. U piggyback off of Najaf that he was just lagging. I. 31 here around Nvidia that's another act and do what is XP stands for accidentally and is. And it is apparent need to know these things now. Will be helpful. Excellent. Layer. Excellent play excellent. Glad I did you do any game. And you get you do you do great things we're very pleased that the dragon. Snyder and guys are artists you like XP and I think you take it if you need an extra player. Good guesses but no it deleted him. Area. It's how you would Stratton how good you are as a player and he's continuing to gain. Some points and clothes 11 where it is right. Marines extra. Action. No extra power now that's the other part is right okay leads us right. And points enough. Let's go into Iran to completely time I'm on hey did yeah. Chelsea and still anyone's game hang on for us and we're sorry that we are your public representative. Star in 941. Game for dragon time tickets. Posted by aid Janine that we are I trying to figure out what's certain gaming terms mean. So Audrey. Is on team Jen and Chelsea. Is I'm seeing cash. I don't know who's more unfortunate. Currently tied him on par Jane Childs who write our Internet. Do you wanna you gamers and you're shouting out as there Iranian right now. I then issued. Yeah I'm OTL I can't lives. Harry tells they here's the thing. We forgot to give the answer to the XP one at the end and Susie zero JP shouted out he knew what it was experienced point XP is experienced foreign hands out. That even mean I don't know I. I view play a game like as you leveled normally takes a certain number of experience points ray complaints are at as you've got out and everything you killed after an. After asking you Carol. Experience. It's gonna go to dragging on act making it considering how much advantage Ashley Miller knows it's. Get this show I. I had to drag count a gen by the way has prepared another edition of what the Florida coming up right after this and ETS it's yeah it's eight. She says great with a wince. At. All right next clue please Geneen. This line is I promise not inappropriate to grind on. Sid Ryan means. Or nine. I got this and then you go first I'll tune. That's OK I ain't too Iran range. Like if you get well I really grind it out and might win that that means you're gonna play for an extended amount of time you're gonna play. Like nonstop and drink a ton of Mountain Dew and stay up all night and grind out a win. I think I will say that Janus closed the more specific. It's when there is one unique thing that you want to accomplish. Like if you were on the brink of overtaking the caves of -- Alomar. That is where that tablet of platinum is this is an all you need to do is defeat a large the unicorn dragged him. So you and all of your multiplayer friends just needed the entrance of the aid and you shoot your super power bow and arrow. At large over and over and grinding grinding grinding Brandon ware down to get into the caves it's accomplishing one simple mission. I think you're both right and goes wrong. They're different I. You write because it. It's kind of to accomplish one thing yeah. But it's outside of the main objective so it's like it's like big daily grind you have to like just. Illinois has stuff to be able to get to the next level that you had to work really hard and it has been a long time Jim in Mountain View it's grinding it out like hours and hours of all the really mediocre boring stuff so that you get. Better equipment or at a higher level. Season were both Ron Harris so London and if not hello the last. It comes out of this one last question Chelsea on dream. As mediator I'm sorry your part of this sorry. 'cause and winning energy I have this is another type of game playing like RPG but this when his FPS. PSF as in frank. He isn't all systems and so it's not an RPG tape of game it's this type of game instead. Our. Up. I just got the feeling of like being in an SAT and not knowing the answer and you're just like on OK which bubble do I use he would always tell on B. He concedes he could just go for an should we ask Andre and Chelsea should defer to hard as I series and zero idea. I can give you a game that wouldn't be considered one C I used to go with like okay god and call of duty. Man. I gotta do is ask the SI data yes. Got the I was gonna go like. OK I guess. Going against us. That good leadership gets it right and I'll be transparent Chelsea we got this. Start picking idea Palestinians don't dragging down the. See OK my guess is even ask for him isn't it great and I don't want to say a fast pace this stomach. Think he can be right but as. Do you really no way. You sir Elton. But she gets asked what is that first person shooter. And I did I'd make an educated guess. Does that. Just say this is what it's gonna some ideas you walk and dragging on this weekend's. OJ had and the line we'll give you a couple of when day passes called. The pool and a pivot feet. I'll see you got a pair of four day passes together dragging time. 'cause. Yet. The post apocalyptic zombie. Highlight game so much to meet up and it won't get but definitely an important though it has down. And I'll zombies post apocalyptic. Definitely want to get a little bit more iron down if he cares so I got an idea for. Karzai tells me even read your brain around and hurt kind of apocalyptic. When questions you have. I'm gonna tell you and I am thinking that I'm going to be a steam punk gratitude. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and it.