The Weirdest Request EVER

Tuesday, August 29th

Uhmm, what exactly do you want Kelly Cheese to do again?


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell ol' ball. I think in recent Kelly she's got a really bizarre. Match. Message she says the weirdest thing she's ever heard and she has no idea what did you do that she's gonna Sharyl doesn't need your advice yeah. From what I should do Kelly she's I have been wondering about this weird message that you got. They know he's Damon has have you got this strange it's a request if Sarah Klaas kids in how we view on messages all the stories hand them. I read those times I want. Well madness. Time. Let's get that phone number out to that they if you are. If you're good at advice and strange situations we may need you okay I'm sure 4042630941. Year and into con averages listen to what cal is about to read. And then I think what is it is democracy style. Whether or not she doesn't yet I fulfill the requests because. For a Schwartz he's 630 man parliament here shared shared her first event. So. As Kelly I enjoy yourselves out how are you receive this any meth addict yeah. Got in an email. Serious issues. Note to me personally but to them raise tuition account I answered the Simon for one alana and county have come census Kelly I enjoy you on the radio. I know this'll seem like an odd request but I don't ask them I'll never now can you make 822. Video. I'm Yale. Peeling a potato. Not a sweet potato. I would like you do this over paper towel not into the trash all aren't the same since. Nobody else should be in the video. I will mail you fifty dollars in cash into the radio station the day after you post this thank you. Dolan. Of course is and I mean how. Hey bloody student apparently I was amused potato blind potato. That's an area is an area read everything in Oakland yes so mom I read it again let's go. As racists hard iMac lines is the media area. As well Kelly I enjoy you on the radio and he's van he likes and there I know missiles seem like an honor quest. And I don't ask don't ever now he's confident he's never now he just at this point you think he's asking out on a date. Yes I was thinking and yeah some intrusion in this particular dreams right exactly how. I thank you never know like an honor class like people always ask herself he December now. And then the request says can you make a 22 video have you peeling a potato 21 seconds isn't our. Please specific. Amount of time. I and a 910 how much of this data came really. He emailed a person in a radio station hasn't appealed potato and what you find most does the length of time no way dissecting this line by line staff yeah. That we wire I'm dissecting the 22 portion and a lot of winners next is the weirdest part not a sweet potato. Helen and I use a little purple with us went out and and got to be a regular couple hand Idaho okay handful of a potato and a precedent. Emma and I'd boil for us now you don't have a valuable oil a day as the for EPO line. College it's only she Mariano and you make that point I feel stupid and the on neckline. I like you to do this over a paper towel not ended a trash can or. I guess you're gonna peeled potato over paper towel yet another chance to catch and offered my second's. Nine to trash in the sink and nobody else should be in this video of course not. Comes at a semi I think this is about you and Glen and the potato it's just about your hands I have nice hands girl I take care my hands the soft. You have good needles I have good mammals to create what about the part where you're fifty dollars for new minister not hanging naked. I now pay the money that's snacks and add some. I will net you fifty dollars in cash to the radio station the day after you posted this so you he would see a post it publicly non ascended to him and. 404. 263094. Line it's a simple question. Should Kelly she's peel a potato for Clinton for fifty bucks for official about. Weird and I love it. Abundance when. Kelly she's hot steam and does not request here and to bring efficiencies on his side. This did this she'd not. They see what is going on 40 voice do you think Syria. And for one of what you should do up its sale. And meet at their request yes I can handle any emailed me ask me if I can make a 22 video of me peeling potatoes specifically not. A sweet potato on anyone's and it did over paper towel night into the trash in the sink and I'm the only person allowed in the video just me. I think you fifty bucks went clos sent straight to the radio station I John I think they come from Sandy Springs what do you say go for it or learn dropped the details are. Potato since I've been. Hey I did let me ask them why it has what we're dissecting. Why is it her hand. I guess told me yours. I'm guessing this is getting more have been could be back here senator Specter is friend and he's willing to actually cheated out of that. Instead I'll buy you a hundred bucks you can't get somebody in the re argue that us. And then it's losing their parents had Smart theory that I would do that. You're welcome to the shell. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Here had I didn't like it like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah but the impression that I'm getting is. What we like cats he lights potatoes John sand light. Below. Yeah we yeah we like cats he's. First term it could. Is back. Italy sent a potato and then I'll keep watching you feel like a two part special detail it they had like cabinet quietly. Are paid. Paying her celebrity appeal it yeah. For the perfect woman I am I missing this contain them. This is Lauren Heidi industry will we see game for outsourcing six the end I'm four O line so Michelle. Hey I absolutely. It. I. Don't know I don't. It. Scans are. A little. How has he seen my hands I have so many residents are just my arm about each about how nice and dark and then there. I'm looking him right. It. Hi I'm just saying I would I would consider myself averaged tomorrow. And if there is a girl whose hands I really lights. Right and I was a single man. I can think of a lot of things I would want her to do would those hands and none of them involve a potato. Or dealer. They passed. A lot aren't you can get ET. You know this isn't. So I lands in the email did handle his food. My heart I just came home in zone. Now she's not donate. Actually it too much technology and the more they are did that make probably I don't know it is and technology I'll do it. So what do you think's gonna happen to use these guys that made the baby go and the potato and all the little baby and engineered. Currently on the outer air in my area like Clinton Campaign would. An easy you know back. Eating and MEI especially the end like he would Photoshop out of the potato and in the end. But an armor and that game. And again the gun on the mat and. Did he get hot it's their. We'll what I'm thinking. He you know I watch videos of like rain fall and things like that because a soothing MMI and ten year a hippie and yeah. Others I'm I'm good and adding that. He if I ain't eating that feeling imitate him is nice call I mean seeing him might just be the way that he likes and his day with my hands around a nice potato I guess you wanna. Watch in those fields is all very easy thing that has been totally creepy how am I yeah. He ABC AB. All over I went last comedy dollars and ten million additional Phillips Susan Douglas did it and do it. Should what you shouldn't. It but she's gonna get a lot of our request comes to people what to do this. A. Saying current a hard grader and exhibits and attacked her victim Lorie keep it to reach the magic and spun a mighty Florida evidence yet. I I I appreciate your charitable mind but I think it's tallies when he's got a few creepy deal dictator provided she spends MI whatever your boss. Also say though that's a tip of the iceberg like if it's a detail one day what's it going to be the next. Next thing you know here put made plans in weird places. Okay so Lucent and Eminem have a floor tonight. In her ear he that would be weird. They've been listening and I am going to be the next or clans. Is. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.