A Ghosthunting Request: Melanie and Leanne

Tuesday, August 29th

Poor Melanie, what kind of friend group would do that?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. It's reminiscent. High school and your whole group of friends. Suddenly excludes. You saw there are still hanging out of which do no longer in the inner circle fest that happened to our listener and Melanie. First group of friends that invite her. And news Sunday dinners and she wants to know why she got ghost image from goes to sort of goes turning for Melanie here. People who go CD. Goes setting up the jet engine showed Janice say hello. Our new friends that money is tying. What do we do play today though we tracking now. This site basically hang out his crews are asking how this group. Short stories and news here about six months ago and and I made sent this really me and and as cynical little group called friendly it's that twenty. Oh and down if they were outlet got these arms dinner slicks and any good marriage and her little group that loves it all hang out. Super try and believe me and and I've been you know hanging out there and first look remotely manage and all that suddenly stopped inviting me. And now I don't I'm I don't know if they did you know I replaced them bombed out I don't know I would do it from being aired at and it's somebody that I eight. They had about it and act for a while it compatibility LA addict. At least that yeah. I was NSA so you went to light. Twelve consecutive he said like three months of consecutive dinners seemingly then you haven't been included in one and how long. Newt. I'm truly believe. Like about. Right you heard a loud mouth. And so you know these dinners are still going on it and just cancel on the bank. I'm not trying to I was trying to group Chapman EPA you know I haven't really seen me and it actually went outside a locked the other day and I saw them all hang out like a father family. And they sort of disarmed and it happened Saturday and they are being out together and yeah they aren't so doing it. So and then again an argument with any of my cellulite. Coco was on my the thing I can agree or. I've I've racked my brain that can not figure out what I do and I really. Nothing specific type and it may really. What kind of hoping lake maybe they're killing more but I Jack shot them all and leave very and they are already out I was sad I am like a I don't I don't know again. Did you light. Engagement any of them like wave virgin stand pathetic a few feet away. How many did they use them or did you just kind of turn around and go the other way you know. Aren't doing well I was watching hundreds outlined then relayed out there and the other night that little Ebert I don't know how to create a torch. Bode very seeing a sign that I was kind of bears without lights yeah. Only do I mean I wish that opened are some need to sit like yeah I kind of discourage job and it left the scene edit anything. So who is this Leann person number calling issue like the head of the friendly or is she your closest friend in the group or what's her connection. I mean she's kind of like during an amateur golf to the president started anybody. I mean she's gonna Matt Schmidt at first find out here and shoot she's super nice claimed he had no idea. Now she's that I didn't mean girls they can get you can't say that's a long haul so it might. Just let ducked under a bush on my feelings to be so hurt my feelings and be so hurt can. Xavier knew this to the city and you think he and his group of friends and so claimants. Just kind of ex Seattle those things they do you what happens then I take her down. I wasn't I was there a little bit then you tell us free music has really gotten yet look what we do. Give us 24 hours woke holly and get her to come on win this and then you'll get to listen and while we have a conversation with her about. Why you're no longer included in the frame like. Okay great he's so much out there and. You're welcome it's co signing a continues tomorrow at this time on the jet engines. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.