Kim Kardashian Impressions

Monday, August 28th

We all try to be our very best Kim K., and after hearing Jenn's spot-on attempt we're pretty sure she must secretly be a Kardashian.


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It's an easy day on live with Kelly and Brian Kelly's not there and Kim Kardashian is getting into host a fine. And spectacle. No doubt and are they could really pleased for around ten feet left. So let's talk about jibe at their frames the executive. Irons that are shows yes so we thought it would be fancy predict what the show is going to sound like who thought it would be try and I did all right. I did because I think everybody's got their own Kim Kardashian impression. I asked me. You know you've got one in one year behind the wheel drive and nor is whining you're doing your camera now via it or Ryan Ayers Seacrest is hosting Kelly and Ryan today with Kim Kardashian has Regis explained because. Kelly is on vacation so. We're imagining what life will be like as they have a conversation during the monologue. I think they've got the best can punish an impression here in Graham I think idea. They are we will be going lasts okay and then until then we'll just go youngest oldest surgeon mean you're of firsts at. Act act. Your headline less come. Here we go this is and Janine posting as Kim Kardashian and with Ryan Seacrest today. Ung Allan Donald and my hair feels nice when it's right. Until slugger Ryan who I am not a house. He's often. I'm a great day like I. I every mining says so design now that I'm preeminence on I was and then. With the sand pressing my parents. Yeah. Kelly she's bashing and blue and gray green and I'm what they cater to them you had just marry that guy gets fans came vans any events any problem today. She wants it's much less. Well off. Ubisoft and. I'm glad to. I actually don't mind to chat. Why. Did she wanted him. And I eat. Always feel New York. Each. At the band has details. I. Jen hobby trying to end. I Saturday. Blake do you know how close I am with my sisters and I Iran. Don't get too close this is the proper distance wealthy we are really really close like it doesn't matter what happens where just. That clubs. Watch now because my sisters are there and well relic 'cause it doesn't matter how are apparently are. Are like here and the alliance married now are not married to work a relic 'cause like we always have each other's back I. And us are searching to look like a beautiful woman well yeah and in assessor and. Answered. He doesn't even matter what they're talking now we want the back of my sisters and I Harrell has had a com is shockingly early. The bar has been sent out. No less bogeys. I'm Jan and I got to know Lee. And lose. I get to stay here yeah. You know I can Encarnacion space case. Exhaustion now. And I doubt lag getting sand and mud tires and so. Show yeah beach beautiful today doesn't go to the beach out there and the beaches that you can stream keeping up Picard Ashe yet. It's a great chat. Luckily the throttle you guys now are I. And I won't channel that even prettier than me and that's. Any chance anyone still listening. Or maybe I'll turn the radio Downey junior on Kim Kardashian in. Impressions were either people on the Carolina oh yes gig on your drives are for breakfast or. In order as him you want season. And meg and how to act. Tonight I pay me in my dank and cost me as hey. JP card fashion and I don't like Al Bashir. Anybody. I'm really 98 it's a good to be here currently lead as much now that I have a couple of kids running her home. So nobody oversaw the gen crush. She wants season. Just now saying Saturday had some air. Then you got to understand this is jolly you own your own dates again. Get to close this is the proper distance. I've has sizes on Internet that women's intuition and as I is right. Let me tell you or I and women's. I'm happy I'm so glad this is necessary. And also my farmer dad has now my step mom aren't. Nearly flat. Yes parties Iran so Iran again and so funny they rag. Because yeah. Kelly and Brian Q today and thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.