Monday, August 28th

Start your week off with gratitude, and everything else will fall into place.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I should I bless is based on the theory if you start your day with gratitude it will change your life so we like to start the week with it. It's really bad here on the Jeff contention out. I would like to stir things up in my strains who are in south Texas are all okay and Texan raised. And tiger plus or shirt OK yeah and there and that they sent some pretty harrowing pictures. Yeah. And there are. I'm Susan their yards under water. They're totally show me one last minute to go wrong. Hot shots that and so your your worst is the rain isn't isn't going anywhere but as of right now. And I say all of that it makes salad I'm very popular because she's famous. Two families put their OK Jeff yeah I've Connor and Cherokee county wasn't gonna judge and ginger this morning thank you. I loved. I mean I was very blessed to have her life and art are two year. Sometimes the simple things taken and deep breath. That is definitely something may grateful for a deep breath Jen simply wouldn't be able to do if you're living on Mars. I love my very yeah. Hey Jennifer and tequila. I had I left we are able to regulate market their dream home. Home all the late. Now and I he's your are daydreaming out the flute. And I think he gradually since late like this is the bass like hey Maria and that Intel Boesak. Soriano single mom says I'm her Bartlett that's such a good job that allows me to where not much is particularly me. Oh that's cool job what judge yeah. As. I. I actually adopt careless very careless I'm here it's each other little kid send thing while listening it's free and Miranda that's awesome. And Katie in Covington what's cents a gallon hash tag bless this morning. I'm and I'm glad I have them as amazing boyfriend and mainly in the entire world. All of those Celine what makes them better than any other family and the planet. Firm because they're my finger and. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend he helped me with my kids even though they're not as. Jason just right can look like they were yeah is all eighteen straight bowl like I deserve to be like saying that and it's just the best feeling in the entire world. Oz often. Coming smiling from the inside out this morning KD him. Don't think he would face did he have a very. Funny here's the cool thing about half say bless is we ask for your critics good feelings on FaceBook we I was get a bunch of my marriage season. You space for him to brag to the whole world we also set up a phone number because sometimes your blessing appears again. Arraign them Thursday evening brass and we always wanna hear about it. 86 states three the last put that in your found whatever you have something that's making you feel real good real warm and Fuzzy inside. Just dial that number and leave a smashed into him he's on the radio. 866. Three blast. Search we golfed Phelan cashed a glass. Star in 941.