The College Price Is Right

Monday, August 28th

Can you guess how much these college essentials cost?


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Is it college mash up. Matt Schaub. For the ages. It is very Georgia Bulldogs. Jenn hobby is Florida Gator. I think in the Florida topic I hate it when you do that. We've got a Georgia Florida matchup. With Florida seeking on the same now holds. And ideally help me. I and so a school Inge and states. I'm representing and the University of Florida is and the fog from coming handy. Failure. Rate area. They and representing. The University of Georgia missing here in Atlanta panacea. Rarely heard Edwards playing a game called college students. Prices rights are all schools are back in session as of this week. Most schools come back last week if you marlin bag this really everybody's in. Anyways you graduate from the USD. 990. And is there any Chinese eyes and CC just like Gator. Yeah I loudly as you graduate from PGA. I graduated everybody though it's very much. Okay he's gonna have a leg up on me colleagues for. Ice is right side yeah. Really I got to college event. Jose noted that's going to be a tough massive them. It's going to be easy record highs in the way alert is we're going to identify a college only item you guys each guest the prize. The closes without going over. Kids the points the first one to five wins are you ready. I your first item. It is a boot time. Aims to help you understand exactly what we're talking about. A proud KS you all a senior at Kennesaw State. Our intern Amanda. Hey John he's he's so good to an operation sturdy metal frame and has green inclined physicians. Yeah. Andy we will let you go first what is your guess and that press. 129. Now that's it's without going over on this year what is your guess. I would stay. 9999. Lack. Okay. Two very calm than any visitors. Hate yourself for us here you both went over. The price 99 dollars you went over I need I say. IT's second item on our list. It's 824. Pack and chicken flavor or Roman noodles and I. You can to help us understand what we're. I given away here is I love she is a junior at Georgia State who's probably saw flames go Panthers when she walks into her intentions of. Noodles instant noodles tasty and. I feel for quickly ideal for quick meals. And he what's your gas and the price between four pack chicken flavor Rama noodles. A dollar and 99. And in the sea air what is your gas and the price 124 track chicken flavor Rama noodles. Side you don't united. That points it goes to. This hair S blue and it's. The price actually is seven dollars and 52 so it's our 24 pack. A lot of expenses I don't. Yeah. It has the passion from U2 is. Exhilarating. Item number three a package. Of red solo cups Amanda and Sosa. Makes good. More trips makes cuts easier to hold square base for greater stability and great privilege it. I'm a senior you can go first how much is a package of race solo comes at a Wal-Mart. Even I would probably save more 99. And Andy what is your gas and an entirely certain that any nine. Points goes to do. Daschle right four dollars and 58 cents at Wal-Mart. I we'll continue we gave me yeah college phrases right here aimed. Just three minutes I if you would like to I'd do some research you guys. We're going to be focusing on the lose next. And protection. We'll come right back after a million trainer and playgrounds to. Of college students price is right on the seven Ngo and I people. Star in 941. Going to college student for. Matchup. Of Florida and Georgia. Representing me Yale University of Florida. It is Andy from. You can these. And miss here in Atlanta who has a proud University of Georgia graduate. All right Ali is it is guess the Arab price of the college related items that were identifying here. With the help of our interns college students I left and Amanda representing. For state and as you owls we have 32. I generally than I said and as yours are gonna play the first 23. Indian miss here it is a little harder than we expected to me and is Andy you'll be the first Endesa on this item. Okay. Andy did you just the daughter or son to college and OK. Okay perfectly my business and we are pricing on these 36 count of Trojan condom value packed. Blue okay good the protection is. And make sure that it's the price without going all for. Emerging Pawlenty for contraception plus ST I protection justice for over ninety years. This classic pack includes twisted sensations intense and a warming condom. Over. It's great. And my intention today. That's difficult I'm. I'm going to turn. Hurts me. Well how embarrassed or would you be more embarrassed or more happy if you nailed it. I I don't trust. Initially got nominated I easiest 3099 the closes without going government series your guess is. Under a load. Love this keyboard you know in then points goes to oops. I'm Cindy 36 downturn in common value pack his eighteen dollars and 47 cents. Wow nice night at Wal-Mart. IA news Friday the next item is it your weekend. Then sit and is a fake sunscreen bottle which will allow you smoking your blues into those pesky no alcohol allowed college stadiums census. Tells us that here is Amanda. Smugly pleased as easy to fill easy that I did great classic. Eight flew down since two sets really has his great for any event. My Sierra how much is these smug you lose face and screen battle. I'm your map to build a so 99. And maybe your guesses. Again though it's seven dollars to thank you had put the. Nine dollars and fifteen cents on Amazon on that meiji era the first of three rights. And dogs I'm. That's not baseball. Saying. Hi any thanks from Plano line. Thank you is OK there's I'd say very uncomfortable kind of tacky that's envious and. Robin red solo cups condoms and smuggle in your news. And CN. He should be proud Missouri got a four pregnant at City College football hall of fame and a hundred dollars and advanced and is one of the best sports watching bars in Atlanta congratulations. Thank you so much Kelly she's a Sissy for a second how good you do on this. And shot us. I know will you tell Kelly. Abouts. A one liter bottle of PD a lights of course. And advance rehydration solution specially formulated with an optimal balance of sugar so much like to prevent dehydration. I'm gonna go is 359. We're 99. I raise you an advantage I'm telling you had sleazy as well again you very costly to represent yeah I wouldn't you know the mascot in here. Earlier in the end and out of the things that. Pyongyang. Thanks for making this way it's yeah. OnStar not before one.