American Midol

Tuesday, August 22nd

These stories of hormone-induced meltdowns will have you laughing in no time (and sobbing, and screaming, then laughing again, then maybe some more sobbing...)


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Guess Marmol. Meltdown work on this American Nidal. Starting on I cannot wait us. It's not you dead in Alpharetta here if you got assert his air 4042 victory and ninth for a line. Good reasoning that this is even a thing on the radio today is because Cheney at the American Idol auditions are coming through Atlanta and Janine from our show is down Maryland is a correspondent cheese topping the people she's somebody's been camped out since last night didn't it had Piedmont park today if you and I auditioned for American Idol. And I'm Molly can tell lines are already down around the park so I I'd sod you mean send the noting that she has gone down there and how much. What do we do this American Idol related that hasn't already been done. And then for whatever reason might all popped in my head is and we years since this kind of silly fellow Americans. Lied off then tell us about your last hormone related that meltdown. All right well eleven learning it was my twelve year old daughter and she is warming at hot and I hot Aaron. And it actually went down to get hot apparently. And not shy. It's. All it's. Stories different thinking and through my diet and being out of the kitchen. This time sent solid takes. Is your bond is wet and unwise. Solid day confess I. We are young lady Jan do you and that change happen. Does anyone warning you about the emotional roller coaster or do you just after a couple of months starts ago wow things that are. There's a pattern developing I think six since they are a little bit older to be self aware about it and it doesn't make it. Mean so happens yeah I don't know that yourself aware of your cycles until the year a little bit older yeah I will say having two young girls. Hormones are for real. Yeah they're just more emotional. Right there's a little boys are more like little tornado. Italians running around and destroying everything in their past a little girls are emotional. Little boys have to. Emotions won his break things and the other one has asked for forgiveness. So you can not grounded a break more things and there's the two most elusive. Tell the boys that hey Jess came locust grove. I am I think that my driveway of sobbed uncontrollably for twenty minutes to connect breast milk. All close. I may have done the breast milk Ontario that is the worse. Yet it because he's reminding me of another elkhound. And I had. Because the hormone related meltdowns don't necessarily have to apply duty cycle related to right they can they can get in and heard that you don't. All over the place when he got the babies so yeah especially right when their newborn. Let me just talk yourself out of running Disco balls he can't. Tricky and cannot and you're strong you could. No yeah. It's it's not possible their uncontrollable until we're talking about. I'd I'd Randy I think Sanjay due to wrote this or whatever buy it if you are man around a woman who's having one of these. The proper phrase is pull yourself together girl. If you say that her. Yeah that really helps the situation Susan and would Sanjay thanks if 08 I went when Asia last hormone related meltdown for this round of American my doll. I had a hallmark store melt down. I mean she came back in Christmas my first Christmas Eric decided not to come home. So I went Tim hallmark store and I'm looking for large cars get into my shame in my mom pitched and the music playing in time. Starting to get we'll melancholy in me and tension that cheers from the start rolling down world people are looking at me. And then I got to that point where I went shopping. And you pocketbooks and their dorms manager came over aspect I would okay. I said now I'm just immensely and I miss Shanley an and a Merry Christmas. I. Business that was Chris Daughtry size now meltdowns. And I. Of you on page of the Nazis and saying I Jenn hobby story and then lawsuit check in it which is why did the I anyways why this is ground. And we users when he calls will be doing this again okay. I cannot be story and then we'll I've talked to a woman who had a meltdown last night so we'll find out what happened in the last twelve hours. To concert over the edge and a woman who decided to it that after she gives Dave burns she hated her own moms and their law. Hold the ball all of them buried in my golf and continues aftershocks. The all star. I'm married came out my doll that's overflowing miss I miss. Time that we invented in honor of the American Idol returns. It's your biggest Smartphone every related death meltdown came. How could we need to themes. I hate. It feels and I Jen how he's gonna share her story coming up in a few minutes we got him. Fly through these so called real quick digest and make down what was your last big hormone related meltdown over. Well I didn't have my daughter and everybody left that ray and I doubt started I am on the TV and I cannot find them dramatic anywhere it's my mom became actually an outlook wandering everywhere I thought it would culinary. I area Debbie in Smyrna your last. Hormone related melt your biggest Mormon related meltdown. Know my way and sending it when I was armed protection around while they're trying to get pregnant and they do dot polls. There and eat it knocked the hole and a lot. That bridge and shouted the double. I'm scurry out I'd. ZKJ. And Marietta. I went right intimidation and they don't share my mom's on the issue it Oprah or. Since you talk to cheat on the slower and sonic. At the squirrel again ten minute that's an animal she'd go another whole bag of silk and it's amber in dress and American mind all what was your biggest hormone related meltdown. I cried or forty adamant that then the toy store it dirty trick they gave Detroit Atlanta. Oh. I'll read agreements. President SATA saying I'm white I'm Indian had to make me happy after word and when he got along. And that was shown on that and. This is one of those days ago Greg did the thing is buried takeout and I am and take the spin in the down ice cream and sit down into aired out so I have to be a boy. I hope and that met Donna. Her last big hormone really about those last night. Yeah should pay yeah like you bet you it literally laughed when I am not at an end I just like huddling in the bed and yeah I spent the a little funny thing where he likes that aren't act like an ink is as it. And really just gotten out of the salary does admit it I didn't let it out crying. I'd. Only do you I'm glad that you and me not. Had heard and Mary Indy I burned ever not like. It. Out. In time where you. I hit you for video apologizing ads. Yeah I did that alibi you are any kind of Carmona says no and again and yeah it. I'll call running good man and a good guy. Adriana in the he's forty has started to hate her mom OK euros they're not that. OK so. Let's clear. OK and I certainly you know agreed averaging board but she didn't stay in the hospital treatment day some pumping some uncommon at all. National. Scene and actually. You can Christians. At our lady. I get to be a mom. It pitched. It from me yeah that whole being aren't exactly true. I have had a Biden helps that it's just an inch should tell you. If yes I was very seriously. I hear it. It makes complete sent him from Leeds how come polarity of since I don't have. Big actor in addition. To. Thank you need. Only segment American myself I think that's that's hi Jenna obvious got a story. Rate after a bank. We'll hear about chain's biggest hormone related amounts out. So probably CNN's. Star in 941. American my own. And I think. Related meltdown. James about to proudly join the ranks of all of our callers who threw dog vols ads that are significant how. Who had to have the manager had asked him if they needed help and aid and an hallmark store. There's so many of them I don't even know which one to share with you there's the one where I was super hormonal. And paranoid about falling trees on our car so I wouldn't let my husband drive our newborn anywhere in our neighborhood filled with old trees and had been raining for a week. There's the other one it. Where I I was warming up some breast milk them didn't have the nipple on the bottle I had the sealed top on the bottle because of the difference in temperature. It started spilling over the top and I literally felt in my kitchen floor sobbing hysterically because we were wasting. Big golden breast milk had. Spent hours trying to pump the golden nectar of life. Many think the worst one was actually when I first went back to work after having kids I was working in the country station. And I had to pump. And if you ever press ads and you filled up before you know it's not an option. You have to do get it out you even need a baby or breast pump or somebody's gonna die and they don't Waterloo you're gonna hand somebody in the phase add capacity a oh my gosh and it can become some painful time but I couldn't get into the office the place where I could. Had my breasts and it was locked up somebody locks the door on accident and I couldn't get in there to get it. And at the same time I couldn't find my back up person friend in the office who could go run the radio station board forming. That was hitting mid days so I aid couldn't get to the poly. Yeah you could sit my backup guy has he wasn't around or Winamp checked out went to lunch or whatever so I found the only did add in the office that I could find and was like ten. Held a united ticket and his wife totally Anderson I was going to you he ran the board got to change. And unlocking it. And meltdown was over but for about thirty minutes there I was crying hysterically and I imagine my hair was like out here like Medusa. And I'm my eyes probably looked like a really scary which on Halloween because I was losing my and. All learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.