Ghosthunting: Shea and Tristan

Tuesday, August 22nd

What's going on with this no-talking "arrangement"?!


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Okay turn enough. And Jesse James Jones all of now. Look people who have ghost did you want. This sensing on the jets and ten cents a day for her friend she may. This says that she once every chance of somebody because he was supposed to marry her sister a year ago and after the wedding was called off Jesus. Vanished one. T yeah soaps today welcomes the jet engines show and explain to us who are ghost hunting this week. I think cereals so famous stretch and in the hands. He was with my sister for a long time so it was kind of sick a surprise. Another quiet years. And my sister Lisa much older than I mean my brother and my sister has my canned patter. Right after high school. Our I think actually this senior year has now I'm almost sixteen and my dad worked seventeen. So my sister. It strictly word this close and she lived in Tallahassee we all of that Rihanna attack so. Basically the Tristan called us the wedding and later we found out it my parents that they wanted to have a camera eating. But Lisa wasn't there it was just me and my brother and my sister and where all of our twenty it's like I said. So. Can sleep much older it is not normal Swedish color and talk about it. You know we actually end their relationship it that gross added urgency. And I Heather's sister. So yeah strange and they didn't get any information. And right after that. We each act Guidant social media. Ian untrue and that all of us and so the only way we can keep it going on with stripped and then just look around some and I'll just. You know FaceBook page or whatever you can see. I should be. So I mean. I know that seat around but I still don't know what happened and coming up on me and grant. Anniversary of what would have been. Don't wedding date and we just have been wondering my iPod I know it's not term mean but some needy. Maybe you guys could find him and just what happened. Okay we're pretty and attractive people bounce it in deathly tried. It is so your mom dad sit everybody down say the weddings and called off he said Lisa wasn't there for that meeting. Did they give you any explanation Ernie inkling of what happen. All. It was like it's just disappeared. And and I wish she lived in Tallahassee. So when that connection meaning any weighing. But we thought it was just very sudden and change. And we know we were respecting. Their privacy but. Then a few weeks go by thinking months go by. And they are all wanting answers and my parents and wanna get into it senate between them. And my I. My younger term my sister who's 26 she actually. Texted him. Shortly after I can go take a week later and he never responded. So your sister Lisa hasn't said anything in a year Shanahan did at any thing you know who called and had a conversation are just act. Asked her like hey what happened. Now in my pitcher different than me my my sister Michelle and she went there. Seen. And not a problem confronting somebody. About it saying and she said that Lisa was like where and I don't wanna get into that so it is very strange. And we lose I mean pioneers and then he just disappears. Completely out of all of our a lot of. And as you know crazy and so. If we tracked him down and get a hold of them you wanna know what went wrong in their relationship and or why he. Yeah always the music with any of you guys see there. Yeah like white did disappeared. Yeah that's pretty crazy so. And it's it's sounds like. You have a family at least your for your older sister where she is and talk about so issued me mad at you for reaching out to him directly and we have. I'm I don't think so because I mean Michelle text that I am so. I I don't know why I need to eat I don't know I mean. Do your parents know that you're doing this. Did you talk to my mom about it and kind and warned and sleep so bad understands. Won't attack. All right well. Yeah this is how what's give us the next 34 hours and we'll do our best to track him down and commence in the come on with us and Sam. When we. Basically all do our best and ask other questions in gays and answers. JOK. Thanks Jay well touchy twice flowers from my now. Czar not before one that. People who goes CD. So this sensing this. On the jets. Sanchez and Jeffrey's kind of bring you don't miss his message yesterday when we first originally talked to say Barack. No she's trying to track down I just I tried some guy who was supposed to marry her first serve a year ago. The wedding gifts come hopefully take called off and she's totally disappears with no explanation of why they call off the landing. And her sis and her won't share whether the details all I heard her sister aren't that close her sister's a little bit older than she is yeah. And she said that she doesn't Tallahassee. A family sat him down and said that. They call off the wedding and then that ex fiance went radio silent on them he basically unfunded all the family members never gave an explanation older sister never have been exploration and she's it's coming up on here. Its stride in the mall crazy they don't know what offense well the parents now right if they called me king. It's the the parents is that we don't wanna get into serious Shea and through other siblings yes it has younger sister Michelle and a brother let them all one on now. Yep so they're like the younger set of siblings and Lisa the woman says he married the state older siblings got it yeah. And she's Tallahassee and right right so this day is I am back on this now say are you so cool. If you look at. I am. I'd take his retraction. Okay we'll put you on hold we'll make a phone call to hammer find out why he goes stayed a little and then and welcome back to you get your reaction okay. Eight and secure and hold on. So nervous novice on meet you. I. Hey Tristan its hobby from the jet engine check out Harry you. Gary here I'm good thank you for coming on with us Jeff is here Kelly she's this year and we are all. And excited to see today. I had. Excited I'm excited to talk to me as well. How I don't know what we're talking about. I admit I'm excited. Well insisted that we do a segment on our show called goose hunting where we track down people who have disappeared out of other people's lives. And we are tracking you downstate because you are the decks. Oh okay. We are calling on behalf sounds warm her almost and honest. Than how you would describe it almost Enron's. Is a great name man. And yeah I you're almost sisters in law and brother and mom. Who are missing huge after it last year that when he got called off let's Lisa. Okay I'm I didn't try to lose. Well we're gonna talk about. Yeah so you heard around sets and marry their sister a year ago with the wedding was called off and nobody. Has been able to explain to them what happened and so. They came to us and said hey could you see if he can tell us what went wrong. And I did I can't so I can put on my goal until I am. They're getting tired right now hired. Domain ruin your radio program aren't that. So it's just and then you don't wanna talk about at all. I need no I mean every week I can't say anything about it on news on the eighties and so we want to do nothing right and I can say about it. And that makes me feel like there's lawyers amount. I didn't even. Look at it and they can dictate that you know and on he noted. It's not a legal saying that you know deuce I admit that I'm sorry and the metal paper. Can you at least tell us if it was you who called up the wedding or is there way is. Lisa who columns I think. You know I apologize guys I'd been you know I can't say anything about it that that arrangement that we greater and you know I mean. I think they gave him not her fault that that much I think I go into anything beyond that it. No no this is hurt all know. I don't know panel about at all am I really liked this family our lights are fairly vote them. Now I know this is served all inside I think about it I don't know I don't tell you don't try to reroute. Can't but like say. It. Okay when you say arrangement are you tired and rally an arrangement they just a handshake deal related contracts type arrangement. I ER I do I really can't I can't take any of that you know honestly. Are you guys I ever did not look. Didn't immediately say they're glad not look anything like it ain't so I won't say any thing. Sorry. It's home to serious okay. I will thank you for taking my call we appreciate it. What about a twenty dollar Mara those gift card that's issued overnight. I was kind of link there is look at guarding us and even six layer on Sunday. Trying to implement I'm gonna let that into a little bit and it has its. I still like enter the same thing bit suspect that would be pretty cool. Okay reality don't call Jesus. Okay thanks to an already I all I kissed his tone changed quickly loans. Why is that he's given me even more speculation now what is that about USA hints it's not her fault. And there's an arrangement yeah. Maybe that'll give her some clues. Some other clues she hasn't invited all together I will try to solve this mystery when we reconnect vishay three minutes from right now. Goes standing on the jet engine Germans that anymore I'm. Star in 941. OK we just as we ghost hunting down the jet engine falcon. Worst day in one message I don't trust and who knew this marry her sister here go for all of the wedding she wanted answers and we just slam. He didn't get anything as soon as he found out this call is about lease his ex fiance this tone change. Yeah he refuses sandy banks and he said part of the reason he can't say anything. Is because quote the arrangement. Yeah let's check ups Agassi was listening into the whole thing Haitian welcome back. Hey if any then how well. I had no idea what he's talking about. An arrangement. Which. Her in Hammond arrangement. But my parent play. Something that the law away. I don't understand and I don't know anything about this. He did say that it was not her fault at all. Just I mean does that make any sense like this entire time did you know it was him that called it off or that it wasn't Lisa's fault. No I mean. I thought it. I mean. He laughed he lecturer and called the wedding and she was upset by it. Literally. Nothing else you know this sounds so intense I mean I would. And James now. Maybe. She even talking to somebody on the phone and I'm I didn't expect all of this. Serious stuff I mean it is simply. Called Google or some. It did sound legal and I wonder they eat but he say did not know now legal. Cheryl and maybe it's some sort of arrangement with your parents. Because if it wanted to if their daughter Lisa is them brag. EB. In order for for her not to be embarrassed they made him promise not to say anything about why he was ending. I don't know I feel like there's some sort of arrangement with your parents that's my. Aaron can protect being police. And also I'm not telling us I mean. And actually in front of us may be my parents really just don't look back and his. I think he's day. I'm fat I. This area handgun that he made a comment about summoned up his family and he has oops I mean her arsenals like. Shortly him because I had a guy turn you is engaged to one of my girlfriends and high school like. After college and aids and they dated for 56 years someone that's in high school through college. And he came out and it was years after they broke off her engagement. And honestly that's I don't know why that somehow I was telling me like a you know maybe you sign a place and a cipher is comfortable enough to say like this isn't the end ansari and verses thinking man I would embarrass her or maybe he's just I don't have anybody else yet. The shake the phone lines are blinking so we'll start to it will let you go. We'll start to go to duties if there's any other theories that compound. I keep listening we'll put him on the air next. Oh hole and I thank you thank you find anything else out in the near future please let us now okay. Oh I lost forty. Hi Angela welcome to the Japanese and Sharon made us. Want me and not your attitude so it's not to have you know he told doing it well. All of my life it. Is give. We can't we are well eight wins this announcement on the radio it's every and he gives you. What are you crazy not to know. The old. It or not I don't know what the bolts. What you've got to wait time energy. Think about something I don't think you know. And surely you know the relationship. That we had with Kristin how much we loved him. And I need to be a part of our team. I don't know you know. Have you don't even if she helped get caught the. Angela and you don't understand you don't like. Thanks for us and Angela. Felt about and I we'll keep via phone lines open swirled for 263094. Line and may not be our business but we got theory kinda. Theories there's Darden started row and so we will allow figures from calls for a Schwartz he's 630941. Star in 941. We think is planning this morning on the death pension chauffeur saying he checked down Tristan. And he doesn't want to talk about why he bailed on her sister and didn't get married person we've all got them theories. And Kelly in Grayson. Got a theory on. You know it's got a business and they want to know what Donald. Kelly you don't legend love tryst in like we love tryst and that's the problem I. It's. Up and down on. It. Didn't it or. What I am I now. Easier. I don't out anybody in the. Ed thanks guy who we are. I see is this wreath really is all manner as we appreciate your measurement if people mind their business we would lose half of our radio that's. And I'm sorry your yourself that you're in a bad cells value backdrop. For. I myself I'm Sam talked Downey what's your theory. I don't think he incense secretive about it maybe working undercover I don't a talk about it greens meant. And anyway the legal track out immediately just adore and I can't turn Iraq thing that you get out of that I don't have. So we could not add here as I do homeland. Patrick in Atlanta's got another theory hate fat chick. Hey I totally believe that he can't are paying him. But true. Re seeing when they have got so so I actually have a brand to. Her parents. Cheated batted this year was within a ten out of the guy 20000 dollar. Its goal. To just completely go away completely just leave it all behind me ten. Arrangement I mean it all it all makes a did it all make sense the need. I didn't get a paying to play it I mean really like it was an arrangement. And it seemed to set up. I'm trying to think of while my dollar amount would be for a Cali. Oh wait I did your friends take the money and lean. I know he didn't he did and it says oh god it only causes. Light so much more drawn around what not not analyst. Now the dollar doesn't go where I used to like you can't really get had a two hour. For forty grand unanimity of you wanna go on late. Late fifty grain gets you a new car and a down payment and a nice townhouse you know I'm so yeah it's Alan yeah idealism parent severe and made that offer you you make it says sent a big game obeying June 20000 out where I make that were on our town of pottery barn. Havens Colin Braun Ellen Davis might end. I don't think it would come and hurt or who. I navy and maybe her turn to someone very close the car. Her mom let's go to mom that's scandalous. Really scandalous. Call. I can see havens planning no we didn't find her theory and the other theory her brother. I'm really I'm exam. I Melissa and Atlanta you got a theory. Yes I think it's kind currently and I can't a lot of people realize that there. Are anxious are encouraged at sporting even mostly go to counseling. And I had heard back from the color is not mention that got back. Renteria and I remember I got as well which Jerry. URL Tom Cruise got trysts and I'm crews got it right you get critters he got Juliette Lewis and they got promoted to revolted at. I know we take these calls all day long the they've been most popular theory. Is these game what is. And John and Simeon. Hello hello I doubt it at brands it is and got to get out. You know what do you do before you married everyone has to take a blood test her car acts on used to be all my dad's cousins. Are they are saying listen listen I think they took the blood test and they found out there he is. Unhappy brother. Two hour. Chad Euro where the you have a pretty notable country accent right. I'm saying it's brave of you to make this is there any talk. Bags. A man and the more you called yourself right there. Times and if you wanna do I keep throwing your theories out Kelly Jesus pose in this manner chase but a Jetsons space and dot com Jeff contend show Levy theory right there. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.