A Ghosthunting Request: Shea and Tristan

Monday, August 21st

Shea's sister's ex-fiance completely ghosted and blocked the whole family. What's up with that?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all of now. Let people who have ghosting if you want. This sensing on the jets and ten cents a day for her friend she may. This says that she once every chance of somebody because he was supposed to marry her sister a year ago and after the wedding was called off Jesus. Vanished one. T yeah soaps today welcomes the jet engines show and explain to us who are ghost hunting this week. I think cereals so I mean mistress and in attacking and. He was with my sister for a long time so it was kind of sick a surprise. But despite years. And my sister Lisa much older than I mean my brother and my sister has my canned patter. Right after high school. Our I think actually this senior year has now I'm almost sixteen and my dad worked seventeen. So my sister. It strictly word this close and she lived in Tallahassee we all of them that Rihanna attack so. Basically the Tristan called us the wedding and later we found out it my parents that they wanted to have a camera eating. But Lisa wasn't there it was just me and my brother and my sister and we were all hurt when he is like I said. So. Can sleep much older it is not normal Swedish color and talk about it. You know it's in their relationship it that gross and didn't meet. And I Heather's sister. So yeah strange and they didn't get any information. And right after that. We each act Guidant social media. Ian untrue and that all of us and so the only way we can see what's going on with stripped and then just look on some doctors. You know FaceBook page or whatever you can see. Activity. So I mean. I know that seat around but I still don't know what happened and coming up on me and grant. Anniversary of what would have been. Don't wedding date and we just have been wondering my iPod I know it's not term mean but some needy. Maybe I could find him and just what happened. Okay we're pretty and attractive people bounce or indirectly tried. It is so your mom dad sit everybody down say the weddings and called off he said Lisa wasn't there for that meeting. Did they give you any explanation Ernie inkling of what happen. All. It was like it's just disappeared. And it. And I wish she lived in Tallahassee need. When that connection meaning any rain but we thought it was just very sudden and changed. And you know we were respecting. Their privacy but. Then a few weeks go by thinking months go by. And they are all wanting answers and my parents and wanna get into it senate between them. And I. My younger term my sister who's 26 she actually. Texted him. Shortly after I can go take a week later and he never responded. So your sister Lisa hasn't said anything in a year Shanahan did at any thing you know who called and had a conversation are just. Asked her like hey what happened. Now in my pitcher different than me my my sister Michelle and she went that. Seen. And not a problem confronting somebody. About it saying and she said that Lisa was like where and I don't wanna get into that so it is very strange. And we. I mean pioneers and then needed just six years to completely out of all of our lights. And as you know crazy and so. If we tracked him down and get a hold of them you wanna know what went wrong in their relationship and or why he. Yeah always the music with any of you guys see there. Yeah like white did disappeared. Yeah that's pretty crazy so. And it's it's sounds like. You have a family at least your for your older sister where she is and talk about so issued me mad at you for reaching out to him directly and we have. I'm I don't think so because I mean Michelle tact than I am so. I I don't know why I need he I don't know I mean. Do your parents know that you're doing mess. Did you talk to my mom about it and kind and wound and sleep so I bet he understands. Won't attack. All right well. Yeah this is how worse can this the next 24 hours and we'll do our best to track him down and commence in the come on with us and Sam. When we. Basically all do our best and ask other questions and get you some answers. JOK. Thanks Jay well totti twice flowers from my now. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.