Trashed or Toddler

Monday, August 21st

Can you tell the difference between a drunk person and a toddler? Play along with us!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Why the man. It and see these. 'cause yeah. Game show you can play is this a tipsy builds. Or atypical three year old. Plug into the show how Eric in Covington. Hello all are you ready to play trashed the lord chancellor. Then saying and I'm sorry I'm steering the ship today so you can play against. JP or Kelly cheese who'd you wanna take on in this week's round of trashed your toddler. Eighteen pilots. Game that can be too scared to Miami tether. I am a legacy is this person describing. Aid to see adults or hate. Us three year old you have to decide when we hear this. Firmer each on the. Many in the ID printing and fans and I can't figure out what they're printing I'm standing up and I would onions and thinking I am I'm thinking what eating and then I want is lagging not since I've retired. There isn't that. They Don and drag god. Okay have their way C disk being. HI alert or a trash adults. Toddler toddler. At K Kelly she's I mean no trash at all trash to dole team. That comes on the Manama accidentally there. Okay ground zero look we hear your friends and Atlanta. They're locked in so long. Man and send people working there and putt there's and then wow. Think yeah and other tests and all sorts of toddler. Dole seemed evident that he. And I'm really go toddler and I feel like little girls is don't know the difference. Hi. I'm Susan hey here's my money and they tell you see says toddlers. I this is challenging at around three comes from Megan in Atlanta. Added voice I indicated. Later on and immediately exceeds his friend doesn't sign an airline. And there are what do you think. Who. Aren't. Or even little chat and. Trashed. And Kelly CCC trashed words. I'm so hired. Because both thanks to this minute the hepatitis makes it a challenging game let's keep their competition unknown I'm going toddler and tell you. Listen you guys have not had the same answer any and needs Allentown you can now owns her really really tell. Okay my lungs as we head into round before it becomes from cement in tennis. You look up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon confused. And I founder laying in the middle of the rim and just her underwear get a hand on her head and then I'm so tired. And there. Larry SE I feel like this is me yesterday. And I'm sure. Turn it's been. It's much easier to play along when you're not actually online they didn't win when you're not on the hot seat yeah we'll fortune. I and our final round around five that comes from build from Michigan. I was look into the kitchen and I looked around the islands. She was sitting there is sleeping with Manning is their hair on her face and her hands still on the job. And their what do you think trash adult or we'll talk mark. She didn't think this I think we have tongue I had to go trash Jonas tell. Another you arm laying into 40100. Dollar gift card it sue Duncan down that's. Find out. Up next just after Maroon 5. It's true is the champion of this week's round of trash towards Tyler will be Heather. Star in 941. Let's play strategy I'm tired. Either in Pennington is joining us for this week's round of trashed or toddler on the jet engine and show where you have to figure out. Is this first time and he tips adults or atypical all three year old who got a hundred elegant tie and suit Dunkin' Donuts on the line Heather are. Are you ready to find out. If you or Ellie sees are the champions. Today and I began from round one started with Rick in Atlanta who said this I am. I'm. Time is that many in the magazine printing and send them any camping out like they're printing and I can't think of anything. I would onions yeah. You know I am thinking what do you eating and they're like I think I did not say. Does not match. Yeah I don't. Haven't guessed it toddler Kelly said oh yeah that's somebody who is totally trashed let's find out my mom isn't fast yeah. Senator Graham one point for you know I believe that this food and soda southern against undersea I would have been with you on an. I got a huge game from Sarah in LA jail locked in so long. And says people like teen and putt there's and then on the and so I thought everything had trashed and Kelly see he's dead toddler and the answer is. It me and I. Well as a toddler. I will. Lou I viewers sweeten the owner owns so I have learned that they get weakness skin. Pete he is going to be tough okay. Round three in big men are happy canyon in Atlanta said then tell Seth that place I can't. Bigger font and and media the SC is Greg got started crying and ally and Kay Henderson trash Kelly she's said toddler. This could be the counties leaves fall wasn't. Yeah. Now let me get it last night. Had or are. Nice I was OK so it's still in the game I got you guys have faith in you and I mean really once you beat me challenging. A day around for Samantha and Kennesaw said this. You look up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon confused. And I found her laying in the middle of the rim and just her underwear get a hand on her head and then I'm so tired. Better against toddler and chili cheese you guess I used trashed. The answer is. It was definitely my daughter and she's 83 year old toddler. And I we have tagging here people ready and the last round comes from bill. I was look into the kitchen and I looked around the island. That she was sitting there are sleeping we manage their hair on her face in her hands so in the yard. Heather you said trash Kelly you censor. And let's see who's right and as my friend Molly and she was stress yeah. Guys both got bell and I need I go Celeste are so Heather. Yeah. I guess charges and you don't guys scenes can get information isn't giving you congratulations you're really good passer on. Maybe he brags all of your friends with the she Intel has. Definitely. I wouldn't bet that not fly out to sell. Blood banks or big and it's nice and done any Frontline and the jet engine and show you. And the trash for toddlers champion for this week. Yeah. Johnson thanks for playing along. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.