The Irish Goodbye

Friday, August 18th

What is it, and is it okay to do? Jenn's pretty wary...


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Jim we always called aids yeah I think you and I can't let the French getaway. It's where you just leave a party without saying goodbye. Yes yes when meaning. The Houdini and I call that designers do about it there's an actual name for you guys. I know this it's called the Irish goodbye. Yeah fly. Is it Irish are they just root I can tell you and this thanks Brett thank you think I'm a friend I do now. Yeah. And end studies are saying are actually praising it so I thought this would be good information to share going into the weekend. Because there's not nothing more annoying than being at a gathering and you decide it's time ago. Think I am I the only one that he did that give you life I don't want to be here anymore and and you expired and then you just wanna leave right now we don't. Honestly by everybody ready right dirty tennis and fifteen minutes dealing with the gills and is not trips from everybody gets. You didn't know our home and you yeah guilt trip I'd just hate the guilt trip I to understand the Irish goodbye which is just vanishing from a party. Yet to understand why I came to being attacked can hear a door he explains to be here authority could affect. An idea that's an instance I have no idea what I say agency is an Irish again. Just. You your offense he did you do that Derek and giggles 00 left and it's. They hit Dougherty. On Bonham. Where. The Irish are very house edible. And so hospitable it can be quite overwhelming in this includes when you are welcomed into somebody's house. But also. When you're leaving. An Irish person would be -- would say are you leave it as we took a couple of teed ago would you like something you eat C Duncan hungry in the cart let me prepare you some leftovers. Let me give you some desert hole that will put it in the bag of a block of an eight inches this huge ordeal. The Irish. Goodbye is just walking out of the park and some people find that root. The reality is it's not rated. Because what you're doing when you go from person to person person say goodbye if you're taking away from their time to enjoy the party. And you are setting the tone and it's time delete it yes so here in this land is that having a successful Irish Dubai as we had in the I got an issue with it so well how are looking ahead I'm I'm. I'll tell you go ahead and answer but I did his idea to plan ahead so you have to know going into it that you're going to be. Taking care of the Irish by which means if it's like cooler weather and they take your jacket no way they put it. Okay icing on task right know where they know it's Saturday it's Saturday and if you come with people the whole group of people need to know that you're doing it. I and then you need to plan your exit while you're there are so that you know how you're getting out of where you are. But the back door some carrying out the front or whatever what you don't wanna do is I try to go out the front door and have there be another party happening on the porch and he'd have to. Plan according strategize strategize. And you don't have to completely disappear you say goodbye to the last person that you sing. Alaska and yet so as you're watching out you put your code around and he's somebody that one person's you know somebody outside had a cigarette light as they were had narrowed the utter I learned by touted by season. Here. My issue with that is if you're a woman and your doing the Irish goodbye it could be a little bit dangerous and make your friends worry. Because that's what it was always always freaked out when I when will go out with a big group of girlfriends and somebody does that what we called French getaway Irish goodbye. Then you're like what happens film are they okay you got freaking out if he can't get in touch with what I I would just text them later like hail left. And it's yeah Don Lindsay did that Irish goodbye in the melee that followed sex like hey I'm safe I believe early yet and it's Soledad make. Exactly why hanging and he will be like a good little Jenny she disappeared she blew away in the wind hey. I would say it's tiny the wind gust and it took her off I just get you a lot. Yeah young man I'm actually down and I let me. Because you aren't wearing about audio not renewed. Now remember I have a town in my voice so I'm like guy dealing and home time I I'm the strain again though I'm tired I'm leaning. You calculate that just like X courtesy Tex I can't say. Now. Can through a. Virginia such a mom you're gonna know valued girls are saying it's dangerous gen. Either and kids are almost five they'll be reminded themselves oh yeah it's something where you're gonna have to let them go. Sand under lame that girls you got to look out for each and every day. That's her best answer is Irish about the following text athlete and then I'm good with that such a complicated world we escapes first thing I did first text later on down. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.