First Date Decoding

Friday, August 18th

He denied her, but was he playing the long-con? Help our listener out!


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Thanks for making this way it's. One star now before want to. We need your help with some crowd sourced counseling here we've got a listener Flint. First aid and the guy did she really did some things so weird. She first didn't like it but now she thinks she might hello again. She's been explained to us navy he gives her some advice on how to feel about this. Very first date Lithuania from Brooke came in and welcome to the ship. I mean yeah. Okay so I abandoned you and happy that I'm. And you're drinking at play afterward that I will go through its. And and Christine and me well and he almost Sonoma pretty disgusting. And I am. I argued that interest me. Lotto. You need. And that's unless you body recover fast enough. Didn't. And he and I don't think or a cliche and Sharon. Sorry I didn't mean to and making them comfortable. That is signing tips jumped to tell our. Do unit about it. Role reversal right there is any if you're exhibiting a woman it's like I had. And my own. Boys we. How come where it was the date like it was a good day eight. Decree to sit through a trying time. I don't know I let them announce today we didn't think so you know it's tight on her side. Isn't. There could create income and on glacial pace and excellent and landing. Well OK so. Is they're going to be a second day they are you trying to come up with meeting about what this means. Yeah I had the Texas you can send. Yeah. I really where even a great it was right. Remember. Sound or did you army now and you're thinking about. You know presented differently and how I'm playing now Luke. I mean streak and. I don't know I'm okay intimidate. Me. I know that you direct contact and entertain kids who weren't really into huge red plaid. All right hold on I eighty some real top he's detects it you know. Nobody is rarely eat food that match. Okay all right it was what was the message about. When he sank. Laney and primetime games by an entire can back. That first senator who little little girl didn't finish. I personally. Any meaning out of what happened to her on a scale of one to expand. How good looking as it. Increasingly. Intriguing and it. Term an obscenity I try to sound a little. So I have it lying here like aides say he's an eight or nine unskilled and he's really let Danny how. I don't think you. K's I'm reading one of one of two things either one he is so good looking and so confident that this is a move. This is something he does all the time because it makes the women intrigue and it makes them the hunters. Experts and the organization because he's really down on terror he's just reversing and I knew I was number Hawaii or somebody yes we really really really good looking to pull that off. Kind of lean and mean guys like him. To do that. Okay executives and everything and is sick and I and I welcome dissenting opinions 404263. 0941. But I just don't think he's Indian. Why would you reach out on FaceBook and just be polite. And we learned 'cause aren't politeness and on and said another thing it's. Some guys might. Forum is it possible that he could really feel that way that he can really say I don't kiss on the first day. As a pop my quick vote would be no JP. It was a good thing ever since is a bad thing Jeff what is he. Doesn't do is on the first day but then he goes all the way on the second day. When that is bi polar opposites. And so here. Where is interested seriously. Videos. 404. She sings very thanks Jason song Jay-Z. Ryan for a. Clinton must. European central. Okay you can see all star. We are talking to literally Ku went on for staying. And he she win for the first just keep pressure wedding plans and I don't just some first day. So she's trying to figure out what does that mean he has message her after so we feel like there might be some hope. We're crowd sourcing some counseling for her this morning for a 4630941. AJ and Sandy Springs and got good news for literally. Hey AJ entree to Ireland. They really sell my hat event. But now I hear you didn't ask for seven years yeah did not just the first set view this totally into the hours just to cool I like to see Allah for real you know. So AJ did you go aim it to kiss him and he's I own anatomy. Or was dead. I did I went into Justin and he said come on urged say okay. They did he call you after that. A week it would take a week where he didn't he can't play hard again and so that I sort of get that big guy just a kind of on the money there. Yeah. And could be as saying his little boy is your husband extremely good letting me and I asked. Well I sell of course I would totally and I am. Do I legitimate nine how bad loans were the women and I have to actually be elated off of that okay Matt asked if he's kind of kind of kept sealock. Sinuous user. I carrion will learn. I agreed definitely her are generally fed that haven't like I've got its oldest and that definitely. Don't have to be 100% tax. I know a lot of anger to younger guys that you're there check in their. Commitment so shallow and and the assets and did exactly what he said they play cool under an infant milk the girl Dolly. Want to move on to become a hunter that's a total placed. And you don't have to be pot. Would you guys is Lily and Karrie and Kelly and Jen just answer obviously just a quick question and hang would you look. Poorly on me if I hired that led to 21 year old to teach me swank. So yeah. I mean you yeah you yeah only use this lag on calorie I mean I just wanted to be in existence just like in life. Yeah like I just need. Yeah yeah. Thank you in my mind when I imagine myself I'm always late kind of sluggish over in front of the vending machine mad at try. To. I wanna be. Cops since you said that they young guys are doing this but dole does disagrees. Joseph welcome this. Hey Chad good morning Tom and actually not the first aid. And I in nineteen serves he was. And Amelie it's got a hole. And it has gone this don't want Tippett began. I just I just one then I would venture and I think because our attitude so that sound you just. He's moving on to million project you'd think these politicians are over ceiling being you know and in this bankers sure and it. Moved onto that even taking that bad. Is that an accurate statement when you wanna kiss a guy you just stare at his lips no I'm. If you try that tonight into energy and NCA. It's really good lips again have a guy has got lives on the mile an hour and a half and didn't mean narrowly limbs JC you're making a mountain. Obama. Obviously the dainty you had slept well because you wanted to kiss him at the end that leg. Is there a chance it may be somewhat weird at the date and and. I am honored to have been remarking maintain its about institute and nutrition anyway. And now that can continue and play. We are very. I really had to turn relievers turned eighty degrees or how are armed eat. Brian in Atlanta has got some thoughts on the same brand. Hey so I'm a guy and that's how I got my life I think kiss on the first it's hard to see you. And now and then he didn't the current relationship. Notice I did I feel like a nice guy did that I'm trying to light a hand on my second day and deadly gun I think he's everywhere. SE IV aids JC amber came and welcome to the Jetsons and show. Hey guys. Sorry Lilly by the no texting no contact. You catch you push your way he audience. I moved its Tracy McLean and not in AI Tracy I hate I've gotten. I switched my side really and us Ali's closet was your money train yeah I just realized that. I'm old and dumb like these. All of that when a guy and end you know he discouraged I'd like you didn't know I had and with that area a little. I'm not feeling that I'm I'm sorry not Philly and he would check back in other calling and they got. The new year. I Trace element to hang up on you which. Which that means I think you're hot sun this. It's the opposite now. Sound Lily I thought I had switched. I think he's India and I think as you said its swagger removed. And here's what I think it's really here's I want you to do you get back in there you get back up front that's. You go back to him and you need to promise me this. Okay. And all I go out a second time. To mount taken attempts to kiss him. Oh yeah and then and then at the end of the day if he comes for you you push him away in usein. I'm sorry I don't do this and a second dates yes the only job yet installed our. I don't know where it goes and yeah and rams are just like heartwarming salad there and then be super hi Lily clean these attempts that end out please keep us posted if you reach back at him okay. And I and if you go out in the second and we it's easy that I don't do that and sad. Man. I'd say yeah he's pretty proud of it hasn't been terrorism McKesson and finally good luck. LA I can't make the prize I can I can make that promise that the vodka and monitoring that night. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.