Confess Your Crush With Jessica and Matthew

Thursday, August 17th

Someone's got a crush on their UPS Guy!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Confess your crush where we give. Hi Justin Jan show family members the opportunity to tell someone in their life that they've got a crush on I'm Jessica is joining us here in about thirty seconds. And she wants us to call the UPS driver that comes into her office and every single day. Tell him it's that he is the. I Jessica welcome to confess your crash. On the jet's engine shell. I and let's go on is just. I'm nonpartisan Concord a date shall I. I think I DC and that are you and I can think every every day every. So excited and that's and his gods you're asking what can brown do yeah. And and agree I need and I think everybody calm kind of jumped out to shop our laboratory. And I have the biggest crush on him. My guys that is amazing so are you looking forward to every single day. To the time we and you can see his I think. This. Eat Montgomery and even ordered being had been delivered to worry that if I. Smart Smart got off now. Bad thousands OK so he's obviously have friendly guy what is he. Massey okay so mask you. What else you like about him is me and friendly. Anybody seen there I okay com Gary shag. Carpet and scrap. No doubt be assured really well. He loves its good and grown. It didn't really tanking meanwhile I Wear Red Hat outlined buddy bad. OK and you always at the front asking you always the receiver of Matthews package it is nice. Yeah. Okay. Are you guys on a first name basis us. It and I hit it harder not a I hadn't seen. And any night I think legends asses and when he can they say they Jessica. AAR guy so he flirts Maxine so when you're flirting with him there's definitely like a little man's chemistry there. I am pretty sure it says yeah cool okay so a year ready to tell him that you got a big crush on him. Yeah. Yeah guys I assume because you've taken into an array tests in columns and BM with a straight now he does not Wear a wedding dance. Yeah did not exactly. All the time to make sure I mean the guy's got a great concern and Ben never had a wedding band. I has anything come out about his dating life turning that I have a do you know. If he's well and that try to dig you know the big agency you mentioned a girlfriend but he cataracts. I well. We can make this phone call and ask him Matthew. If he's willing to hear you loud and here you confess your crash damn. I think. It just gets for being so brave to do that. Yeah see arson Rihanna and I had I don't know I will say the times that we have had women confess or crash it's usually goes Columbus that's. I don't know how much. I guess they give us three events to come out here to see if he's gonna benefit from Lindsay he's gonna come on the radio and as well wait we're gonna see him. Lucky. I'm gonna see M love fifteen member NBA yeah yeah. You can jump star ready for a one. Russia Jessica is a threat today and she just told friends that she's got a big crash. PS guy who. And there's sue her office buildings kid the receptionist and is. All about receiving more gifts from him I. Gerald. I just K you still have to get us. Yeah I would throw you on hold and give Matthew Collin gang. Good good luck godspeed see. So. That's and then high UPS yeah I come home Guillen. There's then took about boxes and and can't figure out how to say it happened. It. And our hey Matthew it's just from the jet engine shop hurry you. No more and I'm good I'm good how you. And that really awkward at first question here re out of the bat right out the back as you and I don't know each other but are you dating anyone can. Okay. No. To be honest I'm not why. Oh because we're calling with really really really good news. Somebody. Behind this beautiful planet of artists as a bagel crash I'm Matthew. Thought I could create. This person either had a crush on you Matthew says that you are tall. All hot it's it's a perfect amount less grass gone on the really funny. Anywhere is ground short spirit she went down for your job. While okay. Can I know rule or like other Lugo. Well that's that's why were calling. You know what she was brave and asked her to reach out to us. And would like to see even more of your boxing paneling in the. McCain and on and as. So yeah messy do you want to know who has the crash. That's how I I well I she is gonna be the one brave enough to do it so we will be back with. Oh in three and it's easy miss and three minute dad you better stop right down. And there's another question Matt you're running answer it and you gotta be willing to answer because it's part of the job here why can't he do enough in this. I was Iowa Idaho and your engines and engine room. He is he's given no harm my question now that's Kelly tees came back Kelly here Jeff and Jen are jealous because I have the best question ten. The most awkward cursed the. We're trying to we're almost as China you roll right through that million McEnroe right through that episode and neither you match yeah yeah give me guess you think this. Oh yeah yeah no firm leads you to enjoy this. Oh cool. You retreat nutrient group. We could become team. Make that the rules OK very good for us. As interracial. Lou. See. Frequently. I'd just a little blood out again you know I'm you know and them in and out of quicker. A woman who break through it or not I'll put it got good work great jewel or I don't know cups. I mean. We call them. Power have lived. There are literally clear McCord air maybe Obama. OK okay. I sounds well Daryn and it is anywhere else in my game. I do wonder though here. Oh man OK so aside the article on leave the all great. And I got a crush on her haven't yet because anything Recovery Act. I got seventh grade again this so you have. My heart is breaking right now you guys so let's. Is there any renounce its right. Seen as a banks have June Cross well now I feel drunk without. I think Nigel. Cole and robbery and Matt Burris now says. I end this way now I tell you can't put him on hold for three minutes stop. So Matthew here's how it works you hold hands for three minutes a week imagine what introduce her in person and has a crush on you. And she will tell you her name. Are you okay well it's. Again. We'll be right back maybe I can't. UN HL all star. Okay confess your Chris on the jet engine show is about how we just have to. Matthew and he's told us he is single. And he doesn't want to know. Who's got pressure on him he made several gases which works Rachel no calls and I robbery. And caved. And now it is time for our Matthew to find out. Who has a crush him and Matthew are you ready to meet your trashy. Pressure pressure I am and I think besides crush her welcome back to the conversation. Please say hello so Matthew. I AM and if it I mean Jessica brown needs. You you don't agree you're on time every day you. Any what could Obama. Are you. And get big get under and they got a good good good good it's good political news. While. Look there. To. I. It's now that I have a little bit Democrat I hadn't known you were married including her wedding ring. So. But I am. No won't let you crawl Matt what this is also more highly Tom and there's good addition you got start could become a number of them are good or and then just go like reached you know military protection from didn't go check. Yeah I look at. It also could look at it through go but that but it would also look so cool but this. Yeah and really earlier and appeared in. A series 00 later today. You get they're. You're a closer look. Okay yeah down and now it. It got ads thanks thanks for coming Alan that's bad taste and are you still won't let us and they wanted to go back. It I don't know how to feel. At UCL. My dad that I don't prayers. They're it's bragging about how bad I don't I don't let me I didn't. Why because he named Rachel on the call now and I mean yeah it's NL but I don't personally know. And eating an exciting. At Aberdeen and I think I. Have you heard that the B and the end of the second segment but he was rushing to get off the found yet he isn't her it's not like you as we're still working yeah like I heard it here and I'm moving around so LC. Why else you give the benefitted. More if you give some money RE EZR phone quaking case is not a person as your Democrats John. You please thank him that let me tell you how guys thank. That way. You think that he and the B I have fired and you pay five minutes out he's like I need outlays Riley this guy carriers use ask you meet against again which means there's not these girls that arms hands and let me tell him. I am quick exit just in case. I mean my dad and aren't in May be a movie but just I was really big and they just surprising it was you need to ask for your armor. Serum yeah why now. Stop. The why woody asked for your number if he sees you every day or every other day. So and I hear on the Dow managed. Lowell. I don't know how I. You know he may be asked. Number from us because at words he professionally maybe he can't ask her for her number I can you really that's against the rules if you're. A delivery guy answered it asked for a phone numbers that's valid that's fair. So maybe Massa comes your ass I just yeah. We have trying to get fired over this week yeah can you please keep us posted on how it goes. Absolutely. I'm definitely did you. Thank you for bringing him confession crashed here as and as we always say you got risque it say they have evidence dad yeah. I think you guys yeah. I hate Jan welcome David Evans and Jones. Hey I'm definitely rushing for removing they had and we need a car where they everyone in the building get together. And talk during the day those you should not worry about all you've really wasn't rushing to work. Is going to be offered though and that is invalid points dad's. Maybe you can exchange numbers on the job of true I was PLC. Whitney and Smyrna. Hey hey Amy Scobee kicked him hard hit number. And her kid can't go that Olmert go. You look nervous Perry master I would say I gotta go but even former UPS you know are currently a tricky yeah you know a little. Oh yeah you Sunnis and there's hope. Yeah that's probably you know I'm the daddy look look. I'd be I'd be set. Edit the members that I thank you any. Time. When markkaa here Christine and Carrollton last column. And I think they eating. Into her case he says it pretty well to get hurt his remember how he went he went it just says. To get her on a pretty good what I. And I say this is a good when that. That it'd detailing RD hey it is made it known that there may have mare booted turn those frowns upside down could be negative. Kelly she's just hates love I don't know if you run I'll loveable enough and maybe at me and they cruising around. Right. At all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.