The VaJury: The Man-gagement Ring

Wednesday, August 16th

The case of a man whose bride-to-be wants him to wear an engagement ring too. Is that too much?


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and. They're about to convene the jury aid panel of women who. Will decide the fate of one brave man named age yeah. Dishonest from Decatur he needs to know whether or not he should Wear an engagement ring his fiancee wants him to. Vinatieri is a panel of all we remain mixed through way and on mysteries of the female exist instead. Sometimes guys who held translating exactly what's going on in the complex. Always have a woman's mind. A lot happening out there and land and who better team how would I navigate that faith full panel of women holding candles laid his way. And this day we're gonna like the way for gauge indicator. Food just coast and now has a say. And she is requested that he also where an engagement ring. For the next two years Hague age welcome back to the defendants. Say why are we we have army jurors seated says they will now hear the case. The first question I have for you gauges how does she bring it out. I was during our burdening your name they use your money you also to where where I rank and that would just a few did you get engaged recently. OK you are so on scene I composed. Can double very traditional you know kind of surprised sir. And you know I can't deliver Israel real nice and sweet. Now back. And then. You know we kinda like. We leash let them extremely spread Manger started you know. Now our lips moving into bricks and really wanted to do it we want to do so there are wrong. Good as we're looking into the cost him everything you want armed. We just. We look at the wedding we want perhaps it is he's gonna take kind of you know two years exactly that kind of money. And at that point wage and they had figured out. Our plan. We. That's when she pulls out their engagement ring card. And. And there are illegal understates what's on and finally tonight you know sleep and I called heartland. Like there. Big center and for the wedding in two years and then she's like hey you and engagement ring tickle. We do exactly and that would usually they're kind of team let field for me so. What was your first initial gut dot sues she said it was the first thing you thought. No way. I. React. Well I mean there's you know a couple reasons. First obstacle to the whole idea is shattered arm. Is that we're trying to save money orders flooding so sort of brought them. By this extra thing bit arms and then carried out in two years to make sense to break. And emotionally. She feels like this is important to her this is the woman you've just asked to spend the rest of your life away as. So what's important to her house to be important he hopes. What is incredibly important to me and you feel like you know flew around the trees broken did you know changed our status and all that. Us during the words of low blows came flooding and then just go Sally get to sleep clears up. Since then and women. I see you everywhere the ring so that the whole world knows as well. You're okay. It and everyone on social media knows now and you know neither of us really would travel or work or anything so symbolic threat as Alex and secret thing like I can't go off anymore. Suntrust. Now. I don't know own. I jeans and a I had a pretty sushi has a question I have a question I know you probably already got her ring but if you didn't would you care at all if see if you didn't ever by her ring and she didn't Wear a ring for two years. Yeah I had it. On your questions. I think she. How would people you know I could I know I would want one for myself but like if she was like I don't feel like wearing hearing for two years went with data that you doc isn't even a violent regions fact. Yeah and it wouldn't it certainly I would I would be I would say that that's actually a huge field than and that sounds good. You know but I. And how would you look at how anybody to critical yet how would anybody know that that he has already claimed there is rock album. That's when I'm gone in and play games I'm would it surprise you you know that men and other cultures actually where engagement rings. The gap in South America had and today. The men and women both where engagement rings on their right hands and then when they get married they switch them to their life. Ultrasound and it goes on that corrects. Did you sense it is. Which sure included that I want to combine and are ready yet they switched to heat does that help you feel better about it. It's. What I've been mean not really the addition some separating the low point and it can say you know it's always extra spent I don't know I don't get lol I have had two layers at all. And you also said in the beginning that you would get a lot of crap from your friends. It's. Yeah we played the smallest part of it you know and in the creek grand convention via ports are gonna. Oh very good little water and broad vision and this. Yeah you know from some things it makes sense. Annan and she's behind LA and I can't say I really just let me. Is just doesn't have to be inexpensive bring her things can be real cheap. I also I think you know I don't know imagination unpopular and you I am very traditional and I think there's a pretty special. Element of the first time she could turn on my finger. Two years and now at this ceremony goose bump and I think there's something that we sort of. I a whole engage if you would please. It pours angled instead I think homes logo are either. Full will I come right back we've got our jury. A man. On hold you guys I have an opinion yes man Larry Janine a minibus this song to think about it seriously. Lick. I here is one of the most heartbreaking sounds about breaking out. For the breakeven by the strength. Okay contention I'll start. For. The theory is ready to deliver change the verdict. I'm gauge called us up me he wants to do. Now oh AMP should Wear an engagement ring. For the next few years while he and his fiancee save them for their dream wedding she asked him to do it. And he doesn't I feels about it he says one there are games you see you very traditional right to you say that. You want her to have thesis very UN heard I have the strains of her putting that ring on your finger for the first time at the the ceremonies live. In the rainy. Why spend the money is beyond saving throw at it. It directly and also. You don't wanna get a lot of grief from your guide friends pretended we hope I didn't banks the social media Jen did point out that a lot of people and other countries. Do this yeah different cultures men do Wear engagement rings and so I found one on mine that says in Chile they both. Receiving gauger rings and Wear them on their right cancer so women do as well. And then switch it to their left hands when they actually have wedding ceremony yet. This flurry here in the military says I think it for you should do is tolerate now and ask her she's ever heard of the engagement Rolex. It's it's a high end to watch a bat in the woman usually gives the groom. As. As a thank you it's a tradition and super mega rich peoples and I gauge hold on 12 of January and had checked into the journey will come exactly. It. Good I hope that. It is that I don't brings in parliament holds fast enough. Yeah hey hey hey yeah Nedney. Samantha welcome division. All. Who are you citing waves that fiance or with cage. Lol really narrow range. And they are and they can and say you know imagine an election you are. And the island nattering about it pleasure and I think that's what you want yeah I haven't read it and you know later on. On change and we have normal intelligence gathering. I mean I played man. I mean I can't actually add little digression and panel. I want to yeah there. Really that he can't you are my on and then. I says Samantha says no rain for days at camp in flowery branch welcome to the jury. Ring or no ring you say the gauger his fiancee. I'm. A reign to do those behind me are you super traditional. Yes. And and I am glad they're trying to save money and saying at Atlanta thing it. You know like it did you do. Saying marine or the ceremony that's great that I bet it would be carrying any and tradition is tradition and that they try to save money. And I thank every. Okay two brigades carried cheese Richard Rhodes. I mean that. Save big deal and see Johnson wearing a during landing gate carrying my son may even violence that are stung not a pretty scene. And then now and where on your right hand if you wanna Wear on your left hand wherever he wants always hung their loved she'd do now I'm not gonna say you're trying to save money you can buy cheaper king and and that's a sense you do end. She's my hearing was the only. We are CSI with Afghanistan wearing. Happy. Meg and an Athens who resigning with. A little. It's. Really I do not think it was gonna go this way LA and throughout the reasons that he's. But I haven't declared they cannot marry me belly that there really matter what I think was when I. Green you look on their five dollar learning about it and they like. I valor and dependent on your right hand and I have sent out early he has a now. Way down confuses. Honorees are you saying maybe there. We weren't able to I looked. An apple and Mary. I see okay so her votes still stays with gates here. Right now he's my code is to Wear the ring yeah because and it's similar to tell you there's a lot of different options that you can do to avoid spend on money. And you weren't any right answer to your left and I also think that marriage is about that compromises that dance back and forth and this is. What went on your first decisions essentially as a married couple. So which way you gonna go he's gonna go with compromised he gonna go width. You know is it you have to risk. Weighed the risks and rewards are gentlemen welcome to the show. Try to. Inside and we engagements for a completely differently. Home bad bad is it and we have got a. Test. What's your reasons. I've seen because you've been inject their long underwear and I'm really sore honestly having to be honest relationships. I think you're leaning that are just not I think it kind of yet to be honest good like all of the jurors who. Be dirt bags you can get a cheaper rate soundings about the party couldn't find I think he's just not comfortable seat except for a. Can be OK with that she loves when they love him Ruth typically when you get comfortable and it Arnold. Fred. Thank you jasmine thanks gentlemen I won't reduce Reggie did get a chance go to speech came. Manhattan honestly tell what's gonna side with them making any good point at the end he had this vision to the wedding and so many guys don't have a vision like that at the wedding that they talk about she mentioned this until they got engaged. Another big deal and he's been on. Munition and it like if it really doesn't matter it's about compromise and she should see that still and like. This is something that really like she seems really till he seems like he'll go if anything he's seemingly. Yeah like I know. Yeah yeah I wish to get back from. A moment in well. Nice job gage you have prevailed you do not have to Wear their rank. It doesn't care which is true in their hour. But that's not my money's being. They Germans gave her readiness says that it is and others case or the Jerry did get some new act. I still consider as part of an injury he had guys that is not yet and anyone ever email addresses and start and threw an advantage that comes. 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