Rejected License Plates

Wednesday, August 16th

This list of DMV-banned vanity plates had us laughing all morning. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Funny how with these rejected that license place because. I can't. And so I cannot figure out. Ever since find somebody and have to play and try to figure out their personal life like play nearly ten this means something that I can't quite get it you try to think a picture images you know it's going to take and so. Later to do it all these rejected once had no explanations I need some help this defense can't. So a few these license plates are easy to figure out they are Tony seventeen re injected personal license plates from the DMZ. Now place today at the DMB there rule is that they're camino ethnic racial or vulgar personalized license plates are a once you get rejected. They do not tell you why. And they do not answer any questions. About specific decisions. You're just rejected forever with your request. And some are simple and it was a super easy run can be art and I. I'm happy that I came so that one has been rejected that is easy to figure out then is that right that's a five year old also trying to register a car which is. Right it's a little five year old boy brown who is also easy ready and be well low. And be easy. At least that's OK it's as simple to figure out there O'Leary is they're glad they rejected yet now this one I can't figure out and I indeed. G-8. S. That's and that's and you gonna create I don't know it asks I found him. Asks. Kick to see think you I knew you guys that figure that can be that was a partner and I guess. I'll. I don't give up OK so maybe that explains a bunch of violence okay. How about this went to me is second to figure out ready and Al YE. AS. Asked. C'mon I'm. I want to you know people have that hummingbird license plate he can get Alex let one fly MF good no. Honest they'd probably reject and hey if I reject that and then once you figure out the ASF. And what that stands for a NA it explains a whole bunch of them on and then there are ones that all and in this same one like EZ LK. And ask. Area right and then there's. Sony LSY. Am OK are you just isn't slighted Don three years that now you realize that Afghanistan's foreign. Know that when I figured out. Okay and in nights like once you figure that when Anthony can figure out a whole bunch of other ones I think eventually meals on staff just being like nope that's in the acting in bad doesn't work. Kenya. And those aren't where I can not only at Kansas got the CEO last violent and yeah that's the body. Don't understand has learned. Okay how about this on WH OW HO. Who do. I can't always stand out wound that's here who who. Didn't know didn't hold her and change term. With a warrior all of you do medical terms you're very proper and here is who. We are absolutely correct. Okay I don't get this on the number two. NS RXY. As our XY. To. Seed they don't it's funny maybe that was are suppose I don't like him if he is rather quietly because they think it's a drag. How to I mean being. Mean you know looks too sexy. Romney being. Indy ads aren't isn't the place of the need it because they can than you would never let me run Mac. Okay what about this fun DN AC. You'd. Doc. Somebody with the Plymouth tried to get that one. A nice feeling and saying I curse word in the night. And I invest now. On our Spanish speaking listeners just drove off. I what about this on BAR. Space BB. RB. RB BS. ON in the. My favorite part of the segment is the enlightenment. You're cans and washes over her kids it's funny I think and other son. Ready DG NS. UT yes I have. And again landing everywhere around bad season. And it's. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star now before want to.