Petty Poker

Tuesday, August 15th

These are some of the pettiest reasons for a break up ever.


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and two. Heard a conversation at a restaurant and has them asking the question. What is the most heady reasoning you ended a relationship 404263094. Line for some reason I feel like Kelly she's my MO. Holes. That these elements winners here. I learned behavior Lima beans funny sound like NAFTA and he just couldn't deal. I mean visit table of women so I'm at a restaurant right and I'm sitting at the bar by myself. And there's a table of women behind me and they start having a conversation. About the most petty reasons one of them is getting married I could never turn around to look at them. So I kept I can't describe until you buy it one of Tom was getting married and she notoriously dumped people. Four super petty reasons up until the time she became engaged and then they all started sharing the reasons so I started typing them into the notepad out my front. Since this will be our starting point 0404263. 0941. Is the phone number. Is that costs. Do you meaning debuted some of the reasons why at some someone at work. I'm just are mad as many Chinatown that. When he danced he looked like one of those things a used car lot. Oh I don't know what your talking about those hopeful heat it's. Tears. He used more remote g.s and Amanda shared in this text messages. He had seen many thought a minute. We might want every couple text message came. One time when you're hurting out here and we took off when in his socks. That's ridiculous is naked except for once. Special units at a business equipment in dark brown and it hasn't happened. It's odd but not comparable now. Every time we were into Mexican restaurant he would at some point say beans beans and if your heart oriented and when you aren't I. Oh that's so annoying every single time and so you know I. This in simple. Toe Tom's. Kelly she's putting out what are some of the reasons this. I don't a guy hey this is like let them play in January February time. Who is far from public. Like anything it was funny how he got to so funny and he was not in middle. A little Ling are likely coddling him he fart he's dialect and only do I feel like your brother and this is now weird as outlined a zone now sensation as an I can't. And then another guy who's a one hopper in the Iconia Allen had a vest saying I know I had the best. Competition we don't have good days and that's not a bad thing. So no I ain't. Terry in view of birds. Yes I dated a guy who's very tunnel cable. We'll walking in the park compared to drag on its injection. Can just street you know and he leaned over into the water shall we did not. You mean does he washed his hair in a public water I wish I don't know that it. This just all yeah I don't think that's petty desperate times call for desperate measures I mean what does is he's an incident Lehman on oh. Ha I Tiffany. Tiffany and act worth. I dumb and offer many petty region but the number one what I did it eight should it come. Only in the movie and we're output OK good to get a really. I hate that gum popping noise more than any pain so you try to I don't movie you know here's the. Well you could just can't stay and I'd ask you made a list. And overall event that we can get quote get it. They're coming. Grant and I nonchalance is in his June piece of gum and I said stated out earned calming attorneys. I can't even handle that Kathy in ads and yeah. Well it started and I teach it how am I guess I did anything we act. That's 1990. I don't know that he wanted to go Dutch on Netflix now as you out of their laps. So you party. The party spends an item being totally intimate it's late in Netflix account that's too close for comfort after. Jam an Alpharetta welcomed the jam. On my brother of a big thank you can't really like and then it went into the teeth fingers and really. Are you think it is graceful. Then they're afraid that I Dana got onetime new. Only zoning out one of those guys are just a little further left and l.'s like mountain can't can't whenever I. Trying to see if that happens to me he thinks we're. I see you went ahead with whatever I get really tired when Mazda's lazy yeah I Candela. Oh sure. At the front lines are lit up for a 4630941. And I still have some more on this list when I. Mate I eavesdropped on and then the girls at the restaurants. Are really really petty reasons why you dumps someone. The first call that we take after chain smokers and it's going to be somebody who got all American Idol and a guy who wrote her a song. You don't know him. Star in 941. I think that's we're talking about all the petty reasons of why he just had to jump up yeah it's petty things just Jovian next. I was eavesdropping on a group of women having this conversation. Are at a restaurant they're celebrating one girls. Engagement you can marry sand and she apparently was the most picky of the groups they also trading stories about when they broke up. I give you some from a few minutes ago I he over remote she is text messages. I'd love ballad I'll onetime win we were we were being grown out he only took off when socked. I did I once for since shuffling his feet. That would drive media. Pick doesn't speak when he wanted to shuffle shuffle shuffle sounds like shuffle off to some of the Emmy night so many other reasons. I don't think all of these are petty but dispersants creepy. He took a picture of me when I was sleeping and then text to meet the next day and told me that I was beautiful. Exert cats yeah Iranian. Where it says she dumped him are you brought me offender accused her married frank. Even then I NN day and just keeping yourself. And don't take pictures of sleeping humans have something that we have to discuss this. I don't do that your child. He brought me a framed self fee that we took of ourselves and our first date yeah. On our second date has guessing how long after OK okay I really small audience. I think everything on him. We disproportionate. Yeah. We had a great relationship in the summer and the fall but in the winter his skin and it really try and flee Gaza on my door close it was. Com lotion they don't have like sir and I'm loosening. Hey Kate wing. I read where they died because I asked my dogs. So we're digging in his house. Oh much. So every time you guys seem to be and put a little booties. Slippers well I never allowed ever had he won eight out of 100. Men now yeah I mean it. And and that man. Season and it coming it sounds like you are grits and girl raised in the south. Yeah all. I don't go there first they are popular in mind that it was an Alabama and I cannot get lucky enough. Let me ask is is your family from Auburn. Her name again and it will now now real. Looting or Eagles sing glory war war tonight we're tied. Hamas for its vice. Melissa and Marietta. I haven't gotten into the breast so badly zealously he made tolerance now. And now. It's just a little more humid in there Ole dad like that or can thing at the botanical gardens. You're like oh yeah narrowed its Mac so nicely offend a lot of. So volatile. Accidentally delivered. And analysts are you might have things again and it is all have their man and right in the anyway not like. He wakes up for the ultimate in his mouth which has and and I edit out. Nationalism. It is because he's so we had a guy who refuse to call my cat my casting a shadow. And he caller every other name you like. Let's sub tabs are what so lighten once I was only god would just come up with a random they really not. My cat's name like her name is shadow and I was so annoying for the alone he was making out where they related CU. That really carry some diseases cholera unnerve him I was I know her name is Chad is cool like our cars at some irons but I mean a shadow. And he would just make up other names and under. In this case it would Levy too quick to give nicknamed I know I guess he had have been around for forever and he can do this. Nicknamed yes ma'am yeah NIC I don't know you that while buyers and making your own. And that I was like you know my cat's back up off like yeah now it's assistant. I am easily in Atlanta got all American Idol on a guy. Hey you yeah. Hold this guy he got means very mountain eagle local art. And it started you played guitar and Burger King didn't eat and you could go back. And I had a great yet that's going to be tempered me. And how. That brings our are not going forward that early. So if you do. Can say if if he never sang that song you would continue to date him. Now the possibility of an I hate I can even tell you what I thought. So that I need to know where to cart in front I don't know if you pull it out from behind her rocker I'm glad I. I don't know why and what is happening now helping you not a penalty. Now and then we will not be back after the break that he's. Not handling. I'm still pretty got our space and Paige Jeff and Jen channel and share your stories petty reasons. Why you had to dump them. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.