Jeff's Song Analysis

Tuesday, August 15th

There's a song on our station that Jeff thinks everybody's COMPLETELY misunderstanding. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Or this song in the same way again that's. There's Jeff has done analyzing him. As far as I am. Good and decent James Arthur. Think that is great. JP actually as part of our. Last summer resolutions JP learn this very romantic songs. Geneen challenged him to learn a brandy signed guitar and he's he learned that we played all the time I would say the last year manner so listens in a smear this on. Here is James Arthur C won't let go and this is the end of the sound. This could be like one of the most. Romantic. So swinging your excellent leg when they come choruses or whatever. A senseless and these are trying to. How beautiful is that. Oh straight I wanna live with the U even when we're ghosts because you're always there for me when I needed you the most. On my dad I'm gonna love you until. Last breath. Your lungs again how to. The. I gotta tell the whole wealth when you say sorry left now. Song everything and I are running no game. Because now it's just you and me until. It's so Sweeney. A well we're all waiting they shouldn't drop and then yeah. On the coaching. Yeah right so that rate there OK so romance at the end of this. I can. Because let's start at the beginning. Okay. Tickets they're teach it down. I mentioned in the dark you let me out I'm thinking he's talking about emotion. And he started about a strip club I think he's talking about life issues and a dark place emotionally she broke late and yeah her shirt okay. They're. A now this is the beginning of their relationship. They did he. Nancy can act and drink changed title to my strengths are. All Fuzzy yeah. That's the best part what do you. Held him back when he was thrown out what. I think you're ever. I. Came here. Meaning as the next person I. Yeah. Not enough. In case now downside try. That is really not romantic again think about. It gets better I think honestly I. Yeah had done that for someone it's not finally I mean you've changed diapers Jenn hobby. Just for your children to Conner yeah doesn't make you met someone and hey look you meet somebody in the first night they're yakking up a guy here's an excellent yeah this. What is. I realized. Why your eighth. Really in front of a toilet right. Asia world it's just like a lot of porcelain mastermind in there on the ice you know. Everything back. Look at badge you give you a smile at some sort of site go back and you know. Other Griese has even dance and injuring cannot. All genres. Is don't go. Yeah anywhere. Good if you just saw something more refined and that smell of medicine blocked. They show is suddenly it. Right men are flying. From. Never gonna happen. Very bad in a soldier of on this I'm not trying to you know on yeah. Never gonna happen. I stick to crazy chain go and that's. Two minutes OK Craig he's out goes. This is my houses and a bag of us. Now let's hug. There a period how music. Zero I stay you mean. I know James get Smart okay. With it and there's there's sweaty and covered in the bars are those in the round out of bed dad has oh series as you. He had been able to drag him and wow yeah sound and tomorrow with tries can't happen. And I felt coming down. An excellent and exciting Aron. His smile. You've got to remember this. Can't answer runs realized. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion one star not before one and.