Setting A 'Boobie' Trap

Monday, August 14th

J9's friend has a crazy plan to help save their friend from a bad marriage. But is it too much?


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. It's. Pretty isn't Cheney is gonna lean on you jet engines show family because there is a situation and her friend they've gone now. This isn't advice on an as we always say much smarter than we are. Let's figure this out if you've got some thought Thomas for a 4263094. Lines we would love to hear from him. Yes please do because I have this friend is about to get married to a guy who's been totally unfaithful and I know he's gonna do it again. And our other friend has this idea to go in and him and try to sleep with him to prove it. And it. Is that how is that the people. I. Oh yeah when he told this to say if I don't remember who I dubbed it this bad they deserve a Pulitzer. Somebody in this room called it a booby trap. Crude booby trap it really is yeah so framed a let's give her name any companies are real name caller Chelsea writes that Chelsea. Is engaged to be married to a guy that will called gaga. Think it's all it's used the word out and and Chelsea is engaged your guy named Doug who is now and the best guy to. You know on the it's his it's her first love but it started in cheating she was the other woman. And Lula. Ended surfers love and I know he's gonna do it again. And he's done it before he's cheated on her before so do hands are facts like you know he's cheated out like she is toxic and says she's caught them. And it's so she's the other woman. That he is no lose it's it's been a whole thing okay. And they're related started way back and then he's right and since they've been together he hasn't been painful to her either writes it'll. It's double. The Emmys so it's that you know she's marrying a bad guy yeah are a bad guys for her yeah so are other factors in them that decision or his name. That that. My friend he doesn't know them personally it was like I can fix this I can say for now I can go in and flair with him get him to spend the night with me and herbal prove it to her like will show it to her and this is like is that. You know how did you know. This attack are astronomers 4042630941. I'll start terrible idea. Lot of you here's why I think it's awful idea I think that. Chelsea is obviously in love win. Her first of Doug and no matter what you attempt to approved. She is going to be on team does so they have you guys go to learn and say hey. This girl that you don't know where name indeed this in this is what happened she simulate what you set him up. What guy would be able to resist that blah blah blah blah blah you guys and then the value force that you made it happened and it won't work. That's my lands my. I do you think no matter lags Chelsea's an assailant and yes. I appreciate wanting to go to those lengths. To save her to save your friends think about it it would be short term heartbreak over a long term benefit because then she should the move on and find somebody who really loves her who's not gonna cost her all the heartbreak. Is you know the pen yeah it's just gonna hurt on iron up there and. Hi Stephanie welcome to the show. Good idea bad idea. Pat yeah I only got back in time and turn. It shall act act I want to wash it out without a without earning their curtains at. I'd bet I think that's who they're trying to do is they get they have somebody do it who's on their side. Who are going now and get them to that point and they can say. I think I returned. I would be so gun battle plan but something about it Alan and I think that's our hands on. Approach and the coroner. At. We. And he's like yeah yeah. Yeah but in the names are Vicky in Atlanta a great idea right. I'm never ever read he does it ever. Easier I'd never really it. Kind of agreement at the wars idea. Ever get a curtain down on the same and the thing you know little camp church about. I want collar population. The love bug lady yet I can't see them. And so on opening the world don't do that went on capitol room actually yeah we talk and tell mom and animations and want to acknowledge. And decrypt what about up. Allen initiated onto that on. So in your own Vicky she Arnie knows and she's got an accepted and is turning a line attitude and. Our other print about. It changed. It is not the well government have been all about the idea. We don't read Jeff. You and I have the same life my god don't let immense friends be thoughts so. I bet I didn't. And I thank unsanitary very. Thank you Vicki Meghann and Hiram Georgia what the true. Hard sprint actually park and to help her for you completely reinvent then turn around. What are you happy that they're trying to rent it for a yet they are trying to really. I don't I don't hurt or else. Here. It last couple good hire. Cheap tickets are. Bora aboard 2630941. And all the lines jammed up with people who think it's a terrible idea how one does anybody actually ever done. Bright orange faces a brilliant idea and and additionally I have yes okay so let's clear out to be movie it's a bad idea and just that for people who either a done it loses and we Internet Meehan and filter how worked out right. The real yeah I mean all they're here. Or V think it's a brilliant idea. 404 to six very low nine for a line or take your phone calls and. Star in 941. Producers Kenny has a friend considering going to do some extreme lengths to save there are friends from getting into really terrible and Jenny you want a 1002 seconds I don't know we're gonna college Chelsea Chelsea is a good guy we're Collins doesn't fool I. It has cheated on her report. She was the other woman when they started hitting my dad is different slow and we don't want them to get married and they're engaged now and our other friends. Has proposed. See new things Doug. And getting Chelsea to catch him in the act so that we can and that's and that's crazy idea but it carrying their. With a one sentence he said is. I letting her catch him in the act because that's where amber and Griffin's point is you need proof. I like NBA that get on it carefully clay and I felt like it keeps held Chelsea. On the farm and a quiet you know their plane and could kill your under and got her not bring it and then heard being completely lit. See you tell Larry you know afterwards just come out tour shell out the current. And and she and I think that we're just unintentional. You just candidates can happen. Troops in the. You could see where at the same Byron sent messing around him some people said it was a bad idea but that Casey in Barnes well does not agree. Great idea for one the kind. You know your Iranian revolutionary complain about it again. Yeah suffered so much for reasons. That you get peace and quiet. For. Hit it I Tony and load Intel has actually done this. Before long it's. Yeah ash on it into a terrible idea and don't admit it totally turned around backward don't aren't. And what was your learn what was your role in the whole transaction. I wish. At all Palin and I would really friendly to tackle the girl. I would like the friend of the friend again. OK see you wouldn't buy you the one that was gonna dosages that. Nieces and I would to talk to him Ford girl so they don't like we. As a person. Yes it's fairly light it made it even more like less obvious. When. So you open. Different layers of insulation in between so nobody would get in trouble. Make sense and that's I'd Jessica Antanas has also done this before. I. I. Went and and then what about. Pat and these are a lot and I. It would go out there and I don't know what elect but it was not an hour and I don't let an opt out. And I don't I don't I don't look at it might end until the early to go. Out. Yeah I'll look that bad I'm. I'm good and I would go a little bit. And or woman. Did. You. Let. It. What is done so what's your final recommendation set. Do you think that because of what happened and it. Now I equity act that. Now Jessie. In your friends came do you beforehand and say he's a sleaze bag. Wouldn't you have gotten his back is a matter of love and a matter of pride when you've still got his back. I would have gone a little bit. That's why. I didn't get that can't. Or am I won't eat. He. I would read. And we use the sleaze bag out of it was a really great work is dead straight I last called Chelsea and ten different Chelsea Derek. The mayor made that a date or. Aren't. So it. So do you use that to use set the track needs saying she's gone out there. Jordan in Alpharetta good idea bad idea. I'll come. A hundred backed up in destiny doesn't want you do this Judy in Atlanta a good idea bad idea. Do you think the idea I think he either. I talked to her before and share like this and buried here and there and my first thought. I could like a concept like. Cannot believe me if you get me era how to from a different person in speaker and I need to occurred like. Time to root for the bar in my car crash scene that come to our rhetoric and I I somebody. Quick turn around her associations and the wind sheet in the wind since it was. Don't you might get like CIA giving me idea as being out of me dressed in camouflage go to the roof of the bar he had taken there. My everybody out this and I like dateline they send receive change is gonna talk vigorously and the Eagles. Everybody comes out cameras you know for booby trapped goes for booby trap. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.