#AwesomelyAwkward: Doctor's Office Edition

Friday, August 11th

If you've ever had an awkward moment at the doctor's, you're definitely not alone.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. We can't. Race and celebrate the also only op scored moments in life and they especially happy and. As a result fans were talking about it is Jeff you've had this experience this league can I just realize how awkward it is. When you got one informality annual physical or whatever it's called annual checkup it's a lot of physical race you'll find his. Oh yes I thank you very high school and fight before they know. Should get a physical once a year I'm impressed that you do it so I went in and. You know he uses you for the first part of of their doctor appointment doctor payment on you're just sitting there and you're fully closed any ASEAN much questions and it goes over your blood pressure and and this and then compare staff in terms of the what's the charge from last year and that's finding as I let's check out a step outside you get undressed and your underwear a compact. That's now it's awkward. I think there's there's two grown men and rom and only one of them I. So. McCain so what do you guys is like he's making conversation while he's late. Check my reflexes. You know like you might spot a mold that looks a little bit different league in its checks that out. He doesn't saying wait a I don't know that yet push against his hands and all of us late. Make sure your muscles were can Manny does this thing reports stethoscope breathe and all that. Ever in my underwear right so okay but here's the. Saying and he's really close CM. William kissing range real low. So you're one we have to lie back in the late Cheshire torso. In on these did you look at him do you look at the ceiling there is looking at hand you your your own feet priced iron dead in the Hines is making up for him. And a little Leander has longingly and he had this health and human windpipe. And while he's a ten year. Brown she's really like this out there. And I don't wanna call from my a physical that's fair and down hey get a committee given it checked and the like are we don't have any opening still 20/20 four. Looked up forever yeah. And then there isn't gonna make you feel that matter about this doesn't answer possibly awkward moment they have are biggest music training so I can't let her. Worded and then OK so I'm prepared and I met pulling hard at whatever party. Own neck mean I haven't been over at first I could not in the my own doctor so and and I got out there. I'll do it when they might go to the show I thank Allah so. I'm going on and off they belong late and they're. And walk Italy not. Let the guy that was. Oh my god it's been a miracle act. Hi you're literally he's learning within twelve hours before yeah. It went well I had no idea. Where it's. So is there on his tee and then it happens on plugging and I'm opening where you got back. I learned in the early days. Borrow four times six very own nine Portland will pay. We'll take your stories. And you were you have to say about awesome we offered our traditions and won't make Jan. Tell her awkward kind of story. Who'll listen it was the URE. The Italian food supply. I will try it out to hurt. Andre Andrew when republic James Varney Stuart good. And she I'll star for. Anderson just really possibly awkward moments at the doctor's office. We would love to your your stroke like 663094. Alignment. We. I fri Jan story out of her actually correction Jens stories. Out of turn there isn't she. She fumbled at the end of that last brake issues like. I'm not sure which story to tell their pro freedom and my kids to do is better than oneself if I'm. Clinton Carter Israel welcomed the jet engine champ. Good morning how are you guys. I got one story. How about being in sixteen years old going and were racial or altered to grow in your doctors absolutely beautiful young woman and your dad standing there we can achieve what you would drop your drawers. Dash. Dad did and why. Hey dad moment once I do not know what it soared out. OnStar person. Stands schedules are bugs on hot young doctor to give physicals. To our budget teenaged well Bob flame Ortiz. I do not know better tell you what I wish I'd turn Ortiz shade of purple. I'll betcha. Ed lady if your booking that led to those guys a favor find somebody your grandfather's age add thirty years I put an entire out of sank in his mouth and let. It's tough for the firm and they're for four months. Right and and and that guy give physicals lord have mercy. Julie game. Norcross. While under the jet engine Jim. I mean how were you possibly are part of the doctor. So I'm actually genetic counselor I work and basically what question do I have read their back. Why. You. How did how do you go and sit and write my. So high school relations and stay peacefully without drama. So bright and they're actually a third okay. Wanna to eat and not have me in empathy I operate I think it able were all adult. I'm really aren't out only fear nobody and I want I got a really cool about it and what the inning and about art and totally got pregnant and. The fact he went straight back to high school in that moment the many good adult he loses sixteen again rice. She cheated on me with the guy from the Obama team. Olivia and comings and. I'm normal being doctors had an emergency C section and I and the other doctor in the fact that turned got to let my friends thought early. Only attack that I had no idea behind that they actually let women. So like a friend of yours like you've you've been over to her house for sleepovers or whatever. He went and so anybody at which opera and and I didn't know about it and I showed up and he wanted the medical relief accord. Every scheduled loop like I can't I'm sorry yeah he had gotten you down yeah pressure he was really nice about it I just they would sell upwards. Since the fifth I'm awesome I Kellyanne gen which one of your dad's friends which you want to give you. This is. You think your questions like that you used to do. Our panel Woodstock also only odd word that the doctors on this edition. Yet it's so I had a crock politic the planet never been before and when they're taught me and the rim. Kind of mumbled something about hate your close up until I can't let that plaque speaking. And no I did it impacts other code. I was completely gateway if I see them I can't win attract a candidate looked like I'm a great secret and if there's nowhere without. Yeah I like I think I heard her on a glacier bad guys that he actually did a. I don't. Like I don't sit there at it and the bottom masses so. Attitude so much better xenon for now thank you all of you. Now thank you so much. Star in 94 won this and I want to apologize. To everyone listening. I just need a terrible terrible mistake didn't edit I. And we're inside I'm brilliant and I promoted the fact that we had in your little brother Ahmed segment. And Kelly she's reminded us as soon as we got the air it Jane didn't tell her awesome Leon where doctors are. We use time now yeah and it happens to the best of us joy and bliss and did a fine line between brilliant or bone head. We had a listener caught and confessed getting completely naked when Jews just had an about a exam. And I can tell me kid and she's just that the pressure. It's a funny sort of friend of mine who wins who he picks in this series tonight. Thinking of a million other things they had a crazy day in a lot on their mind and she went in for relaxed. And didn't realize that she got her eight kids like the size. A ha that's first and that's what you want why. What it was like. I'm relaxing yeah. There's somebody we didn't even get a chance. Mediated a chance to get to this call Jim hood somebody call that brave enough to admit that while there are getting stretched to the chiropractor gas escaped their body blew. Visited London to the draw I mean and I honestly and I I can imagine right since and and I shared my story about my doctor's appointments it's only there. Tens possibly up or down. There's a couple of them. One it was just radio related to where I was saddened and dermatologists. And they were doing that whole body checked. Right see they're absolutely completely naked bragged and they're checking every inch of your skin just reassure you don't have anything crazy on. That's that's one of the benefits of grown up in Florida yeah and one is that and nurses nurse's assistant nurse. Other person that was in there you have to resist and the nurse whenever. Well it just is like I have been a fan of yours been all along and I. Amy let me say I'm out everything I've ever heard other radios like. I really just wanted to be anonymous right out and telling me. And then and the other one was a giggle fest that happened anyway the reason analyst sunny and here's this all don't won't really that anybody has had a baby. And had to do and ultra sounds. Like with a big Wanda I yeah girl you know what that is. They had weird pains so they had to face the music or blind they use it other than when your pregnant. Yeah OK yeah yet this is what they wanted they ram and your belly now. This and it is very very invasive blonde blonde good looks like something he looks like I mean CNN UF. Yes it is our moms road show you why it's nominee I'm and NIC I'm understanding he. Is there we got down I'm. And then I had to have that and I just started giggling fits Dinkins and. Now laughing who was in the room. The army nurse like the tech person lasted did you explain with their land where you laughing at I don't know I figure she's got a lot of things. And then everything is ultimately how awkward kid goes back I get my mom was sitting right next. Oh no no and. And smile. It's not a penny goes to weird angles to the check everything this who don't. Well I think that depends on what you're comparing it to its. I'm Demi and I can now I wanted to on a limb but I'm guessing that Kelly would think it's tiny glimpse alone. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.