Dating Your Second Choice

Tuesday, August 8th

Knowing you're their second choice must be hard...


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. Last night guy and that the bachelor rats. Rachel made her choice. And some people are saying that he was number two well Peter that's the number two I. I like today's NF. Peter decided he couldn't somehow he's I can't make that decision I'm only on proposed ones and I'm only getting it and once I'm not ready to do it which makes him the only rational human being that ever signed up to do the bachelorette or bachelor senior editor I'm gonna get through the screeners he's too Smart. 'cause her fate I so basically says I wanna be YouTube and I can't propose or announce that she's like I got to let's go to that in coming to get a boyfriend came here to get a rank and I harangue and now she is from what is engaged and getting married soon and final was the first rose to Mimi. He was her first choice all along. But maybe he was her second choice because Peter didn't want to provide us now this is I'd topic here is gonna sting. They key because I'd I'd set it off the air a little while ago and and both Kelly and and I jammed cannot lean back he had Wu I don't know about that. We want phone calls from people who know that they or someone second choice or we wanna know if you can have a happy life. Being someone else's second choice can you even admits without 404. Choose 63. 0941. Is issue number or. War I guess if you are with someone who is your second choice we can't say bad news now we can't. Okay now just being warm we can leaves a fake name and Campbell we don't do all of these guys for every other call. I'm so so you're gonna have to. It out on a tear real voice but if if you are in a second choice relationship of different crystal Douglas what from the show. I hold on before you give your town and just that I wanna point out it every line is currently fold and they lit up like the we are breaking okay and it's it's his right here at any time Chris O'Brien. Al mom I want my ex fed actually checked out of the blue of the county and on currently. It only on pay because I let them. Cool at all. Saying. Why did he do that did he want to ends them engagement again when you were. Like I married now and noted that and he was telling me in and I you know I was calling it urged chilies and this girl because I left them. Love moloch didn't win how much time passed between your last exchange with him and this text message out. The blue. And then here. While. And earlier. Wow this is not greener on the other side holy cow I imagine. Finding out ten brands or Kelly one of your boy that. And don't see how does it put that thought in our ratings of one of his exes before your marriage. No no no I think he was finally just shines is easy to tap. And that. When last time we've wariness. A victory last. So technically he's right that you try to go back to that restaurant Wal-Mart. Stem from a guy and swore off that restaurant Rosenberg parents. I can't food Kelley in Atlanta that didn't. I had an ex boyfriend and you know I went to dinner when a month before it was kind of spark change and even in with a girl that looked just like me. And salad and that is amnesty could get. It we can have made. Bounce and it would just like you. Yeah on my friend thank you both just like me can't. That is a whole other topic I don't talk about I know somebody who married. A woman who looks. Eerily like his ex wife. And is in the same line of work as his ex wife alma worms. I'm glad I I met her in an event and when their labor and a brand new fangled thing actually may have said almighty god. Oh yeah and she turned around. Dwayne the aim at Douglas Phil welcome to the show. Try which I am the particularly in urged our our. I'll windy how do you know that and my heart is breaking for you right now. We've heard and there is frequently out I'd say. A picture won't. Change. And I. Think he get that require any Ahmad possible. I met her boyfriend and he was. But where I didn't get it to be as. In his he ever say that leg I would like her more than you all learn. In the big shoes he really say it straight out. You could feel. It already tell me back. Peak now backing anti poor. Leader Khalid Sheikh who might get my terror. How. I thank you really can't. And I. All right Laura and Peachtree City could be last caucus be empowering. Laura and how the women. Well I you know walking away but I realize it's only a other we originally. You know again. It broke out and we got back together any. It that it does for Alex is not pregnant aspect out is that well. All right. No one. Yeah about well you're you're paying we are. Cutting off part. And Lou you're right dug down. Right that's the worst did the best woman the hairy chest. Actor Elijah went and got real. I've urged act as an outburst split back at their place. If you're that first place you've got no place. Hello and thank you I. Now we're awkwardly playing a song called stay live. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.