Win tickets to a live conversation with John Cusack!

After a screening of High Fidelity at Atlanta Symphony Hall!


We ALL remember record stores... and how they were the coolest places on Earth.

And in the 2000 hit "High Fidelity", Google what it means, John Cusack plays the ultimate record store owner taking us through his 5 breakups... if you haven't seen it, now's your chance.

AND... we thought we'd throw in a LIVE CONVERSATION with John Cusack himself, in person, at Atlanta Symphony Hall!

Yep, that's about as cool as record stores themselves used to be.

Oh, and did we mention it also stars Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joan Cusack, Tim Robbins, Sara Gilbert and more?

Enter to win YOUR tickets here! Good luck, and thanks for being a part of the Star family!