Win Kefi tickets!

Listen to Jenn and Friends for your chance to win four (4) passes to Kefi! 

Introducing a super new and different family hangout space called Kefi”! It’s in the heart of Buckhead and for families with Kids 12 and under. It’s TOTALLY different. It in NOT some bouncy house or place just for the weekend. Kefi is a place for the weekday family break. A break for you (mom or dad) AND a break for the kiddos. Parent’s you don’t need to stand around in some corner because Kefi has THREE awesome features:
• Playsmiths….trained people to guide your kids in play AND
• Super cool parent lounges where you can hangout and grab coffee and wifi AND
• Play bracelets that keep your kids secure and monitored.

So what do kids get:
• Play experiences that change daily
• Story Cave where they can fly dragons
• Beat Box where they can make music
• Toy Testing Lab where they can test toys
AND SO MUCH MORE….you got to go to their website and check it out at