Teachers! Back To School stress building up? Win a One Hour Massage here!

From Divine Harmony Massage Therapy!



Is that Back to School stress building up? We can take care of that.

You work SO hard getting your classroom, and your mind and body, ready for the new school year, and we know over the next 30 days or so you could really use a massage.

So we've teamed up with Divine Harmony Massage Therapy in Roswell, to take care of you! And only teachers in our V.I.T. Club are in this contest, so it's SUPER important you get signed up for the V.I.T. Club here if you are not already in it.

We'll send members of the club an email on Monday, August 6th with the link to enter the contest... so sign up for the V.I.T. Club and look out for that email with the link!

And if you win, just lay back, get your massage and picture the end of the school year. :-)

Good luck, and thank you for ALL that you do for our children and our community!