It's a John Mayer Winning Weekend!

Tickets up for grabs all weekend!


We want you to go to shi show SO bad, we've got THREE ways for you to win...

First, listen to the Jeff & Jenn Show on Friday morning between 6 am and 10 am for the cue to call. When you hear it that cue to call, hit us up at 404-263-0941 and you can play the John Mayer / Winnie The Pooh lyrics game for your shot at tickets!

THEN, listen to Marino on Friday afternoon between 5 pm and 6 pm for your shot at tickets again! Just be caller #94 when you hear the cue to call at 404-263-0941 and you could win tickets to the show!

And FINALLY, listen ALL weekend for the cue to TEXT the keyword to 51539... 


So while you're sitting around waiting on the world to change, win yourself some tickets this Winning Weekend!

See what we did there? Sitting around this weekend? Waiting? On the world to...? 

Just watch the video. You could be singing this along with John if you win!