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Enter To Experience The Ride With Harley Davidson

Feel the thrill of and discover what motorcycle is right for you!

Star 94 and Harley Davidson are giving you the chance to feel the thrill of operating a motorcycle as you ride in a straight line across a closed course during this 90-minute experience. This is a fun way to discover if learning to ride is right for you. Plus you can book solo or with a group of friends. This experience can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you, with an MSF-certified coach. 

If you win, you'll get two "Experience the Ride" vouchers for you and a friend to ride bikes with a MSF certified coach. Plus you'll get a $25 gift card and customer Harley Davidson sticker pack for participating in the course. Feel like you want to go now! Find out more info and all the levels of classes at www.hdpersonalcoachfinder.com. Register to win below as many times as you want through August 30, 2020!