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Katy Perry performs on March 11, 2020 in Bright, Australia.

Watch Katy Perry, Jenn Hobby Discuss 'Daisies' and New Album

When 13-time GRAMMY nominee, Katy Perry, joins Jenn Hobby on Star 94.1 it's always a great time. Re-watch their entire Zoom call.
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Dr. Darria

Group Therapy: Catching Up With Dr. Darria

Updates on COVID19, stories of Nurse appreciation, and some hilarious ER visit stories too!
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Learn how to make great drinks at home with Beau Johnson

Bartending With Beau: Make the Perfect Margarita at Home

It's easy to make great drinks at home! Jenn and Friends own Producer Beau has been bartending for over 20 years but now is stuck at home so he brings the knowledge to you! Join us every Friday on Facebook for the "Jenn and Friends Friday 10am Happy Hour" for more recipes!
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5 Word Movie Game: Nurses Appreciation Week

Think you know your Grey's Anatomy trivia? We themed this week's game on medical shows and movies in honor of Nurses Appreciation Week!
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Mark's Secret Talent

Just 30 second of random questions and Mark will guess what car you drive!
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Adoptagram with Best Friends

Looking to adopt? Jenn Hobby and Best Friends Atlanta are on a mission to help you find your perfect companion.
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Mark's 5 Things To Do at Home

Find yourself relating to Mark and going crazy from the social distancing? Here's Mark's suggestions for how to stay sane!
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2 Second Tunes: Friends

Can you guess a song after hearing only 2 seconds of it? Here's a hint: They're all songs about friends!
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jenn hobby

Jenn Hobby's 5 Things To Do At Home

Find yourself stuck at home with extra time? Here's Jenn's recommendations to keep you busy!
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As Heard on Jenn & Friends: April 20, 2020

Looking for something? Here's some links and resources mentioned on today's show.
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