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Look at the kitty cat

"The Sandlot" is becoming a TV Show!

Well it looks like one of the greatest baseball movies...OF ALL TIME...Is becoming a TV show. The Sandlot! The films Director David Mickey Evans annouced that he sold a pitch that includes TWO SEASONS and RETURNING ORIGINAL CAST MEMBERS. I could not be happier. Thanks to for giving us...
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Netflix Is Bringing 'The Baby-Sitters Club' Back As A Series

Girls, get your Caboodles and Girl Talk games out cuz Kristy, Mary-Anne, Claudia, Stacey and Dawn are coming back to us, but with the modern day binge-watching twist of 2019 that we need! Yesterday, Netflix announced their 10-episode order of The Baby-Sitters Club and it's got MAJOR girl power...
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Luke Perry

BREAKING: Luke Perry Has Suffered A Stroke, Currently Hospitalized

Actor Luke Perry has suffered a massive stroke and is currently hospitalized, according to TMZ. Paramedics responded to Luke's home in Sherman Oaks, CA around 9:40 Wednesday morning, after a call came into the fire department for someone suffering a stroke. He was transported to a nearby hospital,...
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Hotel Check In

Should Seniors Be Moving Into Holiday Inns Instead of Nursing Homes?

Mr. Robison's financial argument as to why Holiday Inns may be better than Nursing Homes for some seniors.
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Kylo Ren

A Star Wars Is Born parody of Shallow from Nerdist has us in tears

Literally laughing so hard we're crying over here. We all had goosebumps and chills, and yes a few tears when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper basically made out in front of us through a song. And we all love "Shallow". But his right here is HILARIOUS! Especially for us Star Wars fans in the crowd...
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Lotto TIcket

The $1.5 Billion Jackpot Winner Has Still Not Come Forward

Who won the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot announced last October?... We may never know! With less than two months to go, the solitary jackpot winner still has not come forward. Nearly everyone in Simpsonville, SC (the town where the ticket was sold) has a theory for the city’s billion-dollar...
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School bus

MUST SEE: This is infuriating! Car drives on sidewalk almost hitting kids as bus unloads!

We see things every day on Facebook, Twitter (especially Twitter, and IG that makes us happy... sad... and yes, angry. It's the happy things we see on social media that keep most of us coming back. In fact, many of us scroll right past or block altogether the things that make us angry. But we're...
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Disney Travel Hacks

Insider Info To Get The Most From Your Disney Trip

12 Walt Disney Vacation Hacks, From a Former Cast Member Make An Itinerary for Your Trip Months in Advance - Which rides are appropriate for your kids?... What restaurants serve food your family likes?... What shows and events are Know all of this in advance. Avoid Visiting During Peak Season - If...
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Jenn Hobby and Reese ring the bell

ICYMI: See Jenn and Reese ring the bell at CHOA!

We've followed Reese's journey from the absolute very beginning. We've prayed. We've cried together. And we've tried to lift up Jenn and her family throughout the entire journey. And we just stumbled across this video from less than two months ago... and in case you missed it, it's time to cry with...
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sell your stuff

Clean out the clutter in your house and make some cash along the way!

If you've been bitten by the Marie Kondo bug, you're not alone! But before you donate all of your stuff, why not try selling it and get a little return on your decluttering investment? Here are 5 sites/apps to use, other than eBay. 1- for old electronics: They’ll buy your old ipads,...
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