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Nick Jonas on Star 94.1 Atlanta

ICYMI: Nick Jonas sat down with Amanda from the Jeff & Jenn Show!

Nick Jonas stopped by the Jeff and Jenn Show to chat and both Jeff and Jenn had a great idea... let's have Amanda, who is a massive Jonas Brothers fan, do the interview! Let's see if she can hold it together! How'd she do? Watch it here and see!
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Heather Branch Balloon Tie-er

This Little Device LITERALLY Changed My Life

If you are balloon-tying-challenged (like me), then you need this. I got this little kit here ... but you can get one individually here .
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Ear Candling... we tried it in studio! How'd it go? Find out here!

We sat down with Aaliya from Warrior Body Spa to get the run down on WHAT ear candling even is! Check out their website HERE!
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Rodney Bullard at Beloved Benefit with Jeff Dauler

Jeff Dauler catches up with Rodney Bullard, Exec Dir of the Chick-fil-A Foundation at the Beloved Benefit

Thursday night, March 21st, 2019, was one incredibly special night at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Beloved Benefit kicked off at 4:30 pm with press conferences including Steve Harvey, Stephen Cannon from AMB Group, Dan Cathy from Chick-fil-A, Emeli Sadé, Karen Rogers and more. We'll have video from...
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Can Cartoon Characters Be Attractive?

Can cartoon characters be attractive? Or are the members of The Jeff and Jenn Show just weird?
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There's No Way This is Normal..

Jeff takes his shirt off to brush his teeth and wants to know if he's normal.... he's not.
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Do You Give Good Google?

Sometimes you google things and they come up with reallllly weird answers. Can you guess the top ones?
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My Boss Calls Me Sweetie....

Bridgette needs advice!
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Confession: I Laugh at Funerals

Jeannine laughs during situations that she should noootttt be laughing at.
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I Had to Move Because of a Neighbor

Sometimes your neighbors are just TOO MUCH.
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