Group Therapy

Group Therapy 8-29-19: Surviving High School

Going to a new high school can be very intimidating, especially when moving across country. Jenn & Friends give some advice to Jason, who not only just moved to a new high school, but moved to a part of the country where hockey, his favorite sport, isn't as prevalent as it is where he grew up.
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Group Therapy 8-28-19: Should ultimatums be used to induce marriage proposals?

How long is too long for a couple to get engaged and/or married after becoming a couple? Should parents ever get involved in this? How about ultimatums? Can you ever go backj from that? Jenn and Friends help out Meridith, who is struggling to find some clarity on this touchy subject, in today's "...
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Group Therapy 8-27-19: 'Cheap co-worker'

Meriditth gets advice from Jenn's Friends about how to deal with a cheap co-worker.
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Group Therapy: It's Hard to Discuss Why I Don't Have Kids

Jenn's friend has a hard time explaining to others why she doesn't have children yet and she needs some advice.
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run down house

Group Therapy: My Neighbor Has a Run Down House

Melinda has a neighbor who does NOT keep up with their home!
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Group Therapy: Someone I Know is Lying to Get Out of Work

Curtis knows somebody who is lying to get out of work for a few weeks!
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Group Therapy: My Job is Ruining My Marriage

Joel just landed his dream job and his wife isn't happy about it.
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UPDATE: Group Therapy: I Hate My Coworker

Alexandra needs help on how to deal with her terrible coworker.
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