Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Curtis turns to online dating

In today's Group Therapy, our own Curtis Slade gets advice on getting started with his online dating profile...
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Group Therapy: My Wife Puts Me in Time Out

Steve has anger issues and to deal with them, his wife puts him in time out!
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Group Therapy 9-4-19: Teenage Social Media

Do you follow or have log-in info for your kid's social media accounts? Have you ever run across any questionable or risque' posts on theirs or their friend's accounts? How would you handle it if you did? Angie is in this situation and enlists the help of Jenn & Friends in today's "Group...
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Group Therapy 9-3-19: 'The Magical Night Out'

How would you handle a difficult decision regarding a best friend? Today's group therapy deals with someone catching a best friend's fling in a bit of dishonesty, she thinks...
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Group Therapy 8-30-19: The accidental nude

Have you ever just zoned out and forgotten what you were doing? In this hilarious edition of Group Therapy, Lisa shares a story of her doing just that, naked.
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