Everyday Heroes

It's a Christmas Miracle! Northstar Church, Star 94.1, and all of our friends come through to provide a Christmas miracle for a local Atlanta family.

Everyday Heroes: Bye bye blind spots

Jenn shares a story of a young woman that invented a device to get rid of blind spots in motor vehicles...
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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer isn't just a walk. It's a movement to end breast cancer. When you sign up, you join thousands of people just like you who want to see a world where this disease doesn't exist. You'll walk, you'll fundraise, you'll make lifelong friends. Most of all, you'll help...

Everyday Heroes: Madison James

Madison will be walking on Dr Riland Gore's team "Tim's Angels" in the 'Making Strides against Breast Cancer' walk on 10/25, and She and Dr Gore joined Jenn and Friends to talk about the struggles that women face with this horrible disease.
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Everyday Heroes: Gamers For Good Causes

One famous gamer/streamer, Markiplier, changed the lives of a dozen gamers and countless charities, including one of our listeners right here in Atlanta! Last week, a famous gamer named Markiplier, who has over 24 million Youtube subscribers, decided to "crash" the streams of other random gamers...
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