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Hollywood Meltdown Matchup!

While you don't too often get to see behind stage on Hollywood sets, occasionally a video or recording will leak of an actor completely losing it on set. Do you think you could guess which stars had meltdowns based on what was said? Jenn & Friends play a game of "Hollywood Meltdown Matchup"! Read More
Melissa Bryant, Jenn Hobby

Melissa Bryant joins Jenn & Friends

Much to the dismay of Atlanta Falcons fans and media, the Falcons decided to release kicker Matt Bryant after the 2018 football season. After trying out two different kickers this summer the Falcons decided to bring Bryant, now 44, back to the team on a one year deal. Bryant's wife, Melissa, took... Read More

Are You in the Loop? Wednesday, Sept. 4

Hurricane Dorian: Check out the latest route of the storm HERE. Woman in the Bahamas opened her home to 100 stray dogs during the hurricane. Full story HERE. Lizzo is number 1! Her song Truth Hurts finally hit number 1 yesterday! Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21. The company is selling products... Read More

What The Florida? 9-3-19

Did a Floridian break in to someone's house only to steal a coffee mug? How about a test-drive kidnapping? See how you do in 'What The Florida? or Not The Florida' Read More

How basic are you?

How Basic are you? Do you think you have what it takes to play 'Basic Trivia'? Jenn & Friends play 'Basic Trivia' with callers... How is your 'Titanic' knowledge? Do you know who Babe Ruth is? Like... WOW! Read More

Are you in the Loop? Monday, Sept. 3

Hurricane Dorian: Braves are giving free tickets to displaced fans! Info HERE. GA state parks open for evacuees. Info HERE. Airbnb offering free housing to evacuees. Info HERE. How to help! Info HERE. Kevin Hart suffers injuries after accident. Kevin Hart was in a major car accident this weekend... Read More