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Divorce Lawyer Evin Somerstein joins Jenn and Friends to give advice

Divorce Advice From Evin Somerstein

Evin Somerstein drops by the Jenn and Friends studio to give advice on things like common-law marriage and more inexpensive ways to file for divorce. Evin is one of Atlanta’s most respected Family Law attorneys and a founding partner of Hunter, Weinstein & Somerstein, L.L.C. For more than 25... Read More
Curtis On The Corner: BAD BOYS

Curtis On The Corner: BAD BOYS

Curtis and Mark attended a "Bad Boys For Life" screening on Monday night, which led to to Curtis to ask people the question: What makes someone a "BAD BOY"? Read More
Group Therapy: Your Collection Must Go

Group Therapy: Your Collection Has To Go

Stamps, magazines, shoes, hair: humans collect a lot of things. But what happens to these collections when humans start sharing space? Producer Jeannine and her boyfriend Tom are taking the next great step in their relationship and moving iin together. When two humans start sharing a space, there... Read More
Group Therapy: The Great Tattoo Debate

Group Therapy: The Great Tattoo Debate

It's a debate that's raged on for years,Tattoos. Beautiful? Trashy? Both? I guess everything is in the eye of the beholder. But what's the appropriate age for someone to get a tattoo? The LEGAL age is 18, bit a lot of people think that you're not mature enough to make the decision on a tattoo. Wait... Read More
Group Therapy: Back Away From My Dad!

Group Therapy: Back Away From My Dad!

Divorce can be complicated and an emotional roller-coaster, especially for the children of divorcees. Charlotte reached out to us with a situation that she is in where she is simply trying to help a friend get through a divorce, but her friend's 16 yr-old daughter thinks that she has ill-intent and... Read More

Australia Needs You

There is SO much we can do to help our friends in Australia. Please check out and share the information below to help. Tattoo For Australian Fire Relief Local Hairstylist Raises Funds for Australian Bushfire Relief Conor McGregor Joins Relief Effort Twitch Streamers Raise Over &200k for... Read More
Group Therapy: You Can't Serve THAT at a Wedding!

Group Therapy: You Can't Serve THAT at a wedding!

Tanya's daughter has a problem, or at least she thinks she does. Her daughter is about to get married, and wants to serve breakfast foods at her wedding reception. That's a little different, but not completely off kilter, right? What if she wants to include Pop-Tarts on the menu? Wait, WHAT?! That'... Read More