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When 23andMe Backfires

Update: We got calls from more people's CRAZY 23andMe stories. UPDATE: 23andMe A friend of Jeff's found out some CRAZY information about himself after taking a 23andMe kit. Now Jeff wants to return his. Read More

Kelly's Participating in Januhairy

Kelly's participating in Januhairy which means she isn't shaving though the month. Captain Crunch is grossed out that she isn't shaving her legs so we decided to ask other men how they feel about leg hair on women. Read More

Jeff's in the Dog House

Update: Two of our 11 listeners got in a FB fight over this subject. UPDATE: Jeff's in the Dog House Jeff saw a really cute dog and took a photo of it, but the dog's owner was offended that he didn't ask permission to take the photo. Is Jeff in the wrong? Jeff's in the Dog House... Read More

Are You In The Loop? Friday, Jan. 18

Gladys Knight is singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Check out all the information about it . This is the final weekend of football mashups to determine who will be coming to ATL for the Super Bowl. We're hoping it's not the Saints vs the Patriots but you can find odds and information... Read More
Ariana Grande attends Billboard 2018 Women in Music at Pier 36 on December 6, 2018 in New York, NY

Ariana Grande Flexes With her Best Friends in New Song “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande isn’t giving us any time to breathe with her continuous release of hit after hit. Closely following the debut of smash hit breakup song “ Thank U, Next ” and the wishful “ Imagine ,” Ari is back with “7 Rings.” She's said the lux track is like the fantasy companion to "Thank U, Next... Read More
Bird Box Challenge

YouTube Is Done With Dangerous Bird Box Challenge Videos

The buzz of Bird Box has continued throughout the month, and with it so has the #BirdBoxChallenge . Inspired by the record-breaking Netflix movie, the Bird Box Challenge is done by blindfolding yourself and attempting to complete different tasks. Some are mundane, but some are extremely dangerous,... Read More
Blink-182, The Chainsmokers

Fans React to Blink-182 Teasing a Collaboration With The Chainsmokers

When Blink-182 took to Twitter last night to tease that they had just written a song with The Chainsmokers , reactions spanned from quoting Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” to pure excitement. Blink has been experimenting with genre crossovers. After appearing on Steve Aoki ’s recent album , the band is... Read More