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Ruth Hill Elementary wins Giveback Giveaway

Congratulations Ruth Hill Elementary!

The 25 4th and 5th graders of the Lunch Pad Library Heroes created bedtime comfort bags for kids who need it most. Supplies are collected, donated or hand-made by the students and given to kids in the community who have experienced crises such as house fires, homelessness, abuse, neglect,... Read More

Most Instagram-able Food In ATL - EAST ATLANTA

Every week, Kannon and one of Atlanta's most popular food bloggers, @foodistagir l , highlight a different ATL area neighborhood and give you the hotspots with the most delicious, most "Instagrammable" food! This week we take you back to East Atlanta na na na! Listen to the audio below and check... Read More
I messed up my special moment

Group Therapy: Can I Have My Moment Back?

Have you ever had a "special moment" not go the way that you planned? A botched proposal, a wierd birthday party, or how about an anniversary dinner that didn't go as planned? Jenn had a similar situation happen with her at a recent anniversary dinner with her husband and reached out to her friends... Read More
holiday miracle

Need Help For the Holidays?

Friends, The holidays are a season of joy and hope, but can also be a time of stress. If you or someone you know are in need of assistance, this is a collection of resources that could help. We hope that you will find the answers you may be seeking this time of year. Many blessings, Your Star 94.1... Read More
Grammy statue

2 Second Tunes!

In honor of the 2020 Grammy nominations being announced, Jenn takes on Curtis in a heated battle of '2 Second Tunes'! Read More

Atlanta's own Alex Guthrie joins Jenn and Friends in studio!

Fresh off his top-20 appearance on 'The Voice', Atlanta's own Alex Guthrie stops by the Star 94 studio and hangs out with Jenn and Friends! Alex shares his experience of competing on 'The Voice' and what he learned from the process, and performs his yet to be released single "Love Is" in studio! Read More

Group Therapy: The Unwanted Roommate

Have you ever had roommates? Most of us have, but what happens when the situation runs stale? Katie reached out to us with a similar scenario. She recently purchased a house, as a lot of people do when they reach adulthood. The problem with this is that her old roommates, who still live like they'... Read More

THE SUGAR FIX With Dr. Darria

Consult your physician before making any heatlth or diet changes. Mark's Journal: I have struggled with my weight since I was in a kid. I would lose weight, but put it back, lose it again, but put it back, plus more. As I get older, keeping weight off is next to impossible, but it's time for me to... Read More

2 Second Tunes!

To celebrate Kidz Bop coming to the Roxy on November 22, we pit Curtis vs Madison James in a heated battle of 2 Second Tunes! Read More

Group Therapy: The Annoying Traveler

Do you travel often? Have you ever sat next to or travel with 'that' person? You know: the guy that has to stop all of the time in the car, or the girl that talks your ear off on the plane. Who is the most annoying person to travel with? Let's talk about it in Group Therapy... Read More