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Is your BBQ damaging the environment?

July 26, 2018

The summer months are half way through, but there is still plenty of prime grilling time available! Who doesn’t love the taste of sweet juicy grilled corn? A delicious medley of your favorite veggies? The flavor is richer and the juices are juicier! Have you thought twice about the environmental impact of the type of grill you were using? Probably not and that’s ok, it’s not like grill companies advertise that information. Back in 2009, a study analyzed the carbon-footprint of grilling with charcoal vs. grilling with propane. For those of you who are fans of charcoal grilling, the bad news is that it’s carbon foot print is three times as large as it is for propane grilling.

However, there are always options! Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use Binchotan. This charcoal does not omit any chemicals! You can even grill indoors with this charcoal!

2. Replace your traditional charcoal briquettes with Coconut charcoal briquettes! It burns cleaner and hotter.

3. Use a gas grill.

Now that you have some eco-friendly alternatives, you can fire up that grill and know that you did 1Thing to help your world be a better place!