Man Candy In Game Of Thrones

Toni's Two Cents

August 30, 2017

Some people... MOST people... watch Game of Thrones (GOT) for the drama and action.

I, however, watch it for the men; the beautiful, beautiful men.

I mean, who does the casting for this show? I’d like to write a letter to show my gratitude because I am sure that they are under appreciated.

Now, I have only just started but let me tell you… IT IS WORTH ALL 30,000 EPISODES.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been binge watching GOT. So far, I am only on Episode 3 of Season 3 but I promise to keep watching; for the men of course.

My first and favorite man candy so far is Jon Snow. Wow! The way he handles that sword; I mean, he has a kind heart too, but the sword handling is the best part about him. Who doesn't want a man that can protect them? If he dies, I will be pissed.

Next in line is Robb Stark. I was so proud of him when he decided to marry Talisa. Following close behind him is Good ol’ Eddard Stark. Yes, the dad of the Starks 
(and snow). He makes some fine men and he's so manly. I've got a thing for the Thor, 300, muscular, bearded kind of men. I wept like a 2-minute old infant when he died. He didn't deserve that.

Besides the men, there are a few characters that I have grown to love and obsess over. Some of these include Sam (because he’s a gentle giant), Arya Stark (because she's a badass), Tyrion Lannister (his family does not deserve him), and the beautiful Khaleesi. I am definitely naming my future daughter Khaleesi. If any of those snot nosed little kids make fun of her, she can brag about how she was named after a warrior princess. Duh.

Needless to say, I am now obsessed with this show and I cant wait to watch 4 more seasons of hot men (and friends).