If It's For Free, It's For Me!

Toni's Two Cents

August 30, 2017

5 places that give free things to students:

Parents, college is expensive. Everyone always talks about what they can do for students but they don’t talk about how they can help the parents; the ones who are forking over tons of money every year. Well guess what? I’m going to tell you exactly how these free things can help parents just as much as it helps the student.


1. Free Amazon Student for 6 months
Books are EXPENSIVE! However, Amazon usually has cheaper options and FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING!


2. Free Office 365
Have you ever had to purchase a code for Microsoft Office? It’s like paying a car note but it’s essential in a students’ life. Mom, put down the debit card and click this link below. Don’t say I’ve never given you anything.


3. Pocket Points
This app gives students rewards for not using their phones during class. The points are then used at a local and online business to make purchases.


4. Checking Accounts
Some banks, including Chase, Bank of America, and US Bank offer FREE checking for college students. That means no monthly fees or minimum balance maintenance.

5. Chik-fil-a & Chipotle
Both of these places will give students a free drink with the purchase of a meal. It isn’t much but it could save you a dollar or two. Those dollars will add up once you think about how much fast food your student will eat.