4 MUST-GO Places In Georgia!

Toni's Two Cents

September 19, 2017

(Photo Credit: Wild Animal Safari)

This listicle is for my parents and for people, with or without children, that like an adventure. I’m sort of an adult and have enjoyed every bit of these places. But surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know they exist.

1. Wild Animal Safari

Wild Animal Safari is the Nation’s BEST drive-through animal safari park, located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Admission is under $25, depending on age. I went for my 23rd birthday… and yes, I did say 23. IT WAS AMAZING. Totally worth the money. There is even a small zoo connected to the park which is included in the price.

2. Dino Village

Dinosaur Village is also located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It is a family-friendly, affordable park designed to get you face-to-face with dinosaurs, all under $20! There are animated dinosaurs, rides, and a gift shop. You can host parties or just spend the day with the family. I was more excited than the toddlers to be there.

3. Children’s Museum

The Children's Museum of Atlanta has tons of interactive exhibits and programs, all under $16. There is something new to do almost every time you go. If your kid loves arts and crafts and building and creating things, this is the place for them!

4. Lego Land

NEED I SAY MORE? Sure, it’s for kids but they even have an adult night! Tickets are under $28. There are rides, build and play zones, 4d cinema, and much, much more.

If you are out of cool things to do with the kids or for yourself, each of these places is an experience! If you know of any other cool places, feel free to share!


Toni Jenae