It's time to go back to school and go green!

August 19, 2018

Poznyakov | Dreamstime


It's back to school time! This is the perfect time to get the kids in the habit of thinking about their environment and how they can help to reduce their footprint! 

 Let's start with school supplies. Before you head out to purchase brand new supplies, take inventory from last year. Did your student use all of the paper and pencils? Can the folders and binders be reused? If the supplies from last year have dwindled away, it may be time to purchase new ones. 

If you do find yourself having to purchase new supplies here are some great options:

  • Ditch the PVC toxic binders!  Look for binders that are Eco-friendly and made out of recycled materials.  
  • Stock up on 100% biodegradable pens and pencils.
  • Always purchase recycled paper 
  • Don't forget about lunch time! No need for the one-use plastic baggies, not only are they bad for the environment, you are literally throwing your money away. A stainless steel bento box is a great all in one option for the kiddos. 

So now that the kids have their supplies, it's time to send them on their way so they can be well on their way to making a difference in the world!