Go Green at Your Tailgate Party!

August 27, 2018

Seanlockephotography | Dreamstime.com


Are you ready for some football action? It's that time of the year again! Who doesn't love a huge tailgate party? But what about all of the trash left behind? Plastic cups, paper plates and countless aluminum cans! Not only does this create a ton of trash, but you are loosing a ton of cash! Do you see how I made a little rhyme right there? Remember you can always do things in moderation. Start slow with your new and improved sustainable tailgate party!

Make sure you use reusable cups. Encourage your friends to bring their own reusable cups. This will definitely cut back on the trash that's left over. The same thing goes with plates. Use reusable plates if possible. You can also grab some biodegradable utensils, cups and plates. If you don't see a recycling bin in the parking lot, bring an extra trash bag so you can gather your items and recycle them. 

Instead of single serving drinks, how about a several big bottles of soda? You can also get the gallon-sized water.  Apply that same idea to food items like chips and other snacks. Single serving packing is not our friend! It produces more trash and cost more.  

If your tailgate party involves grilling, make sure you use a propane tank, it's much friendlier to our environment! 

Always remember to clean up after yourself, if you brought it, take it with you! It's the 1Thing you can do to make the world a better place! Now let's play some football!