Ray Liotta in 'Goodfellas'


Ray Liotta's 'Chantix' commercial meets his 'Goodfellas' alter-ego

This commercial/movie video mashup is sheer GENIUS!

December 11, 2018

Ray Liotta's acting resume is strong; but what most of us "know" Liotta for, of late, is his being pitch-person for the "stop smoking" aid, Chantix. 

So one of his more iconic roles was that of real-life mobster Henry Hill for "Goodfellas." Henry ... wasn't a good man, and he was DEFINITELY not a non-smoker. In fact, Henry ingested plenty of unhealthy things, cigarettes being among the least of his worries. Anyhow, some GENIUS had fun with a little creative editing and took Liotta's 'Chantix' commercial and put quite the spin on it. Watch!