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New Orleans officials tell Atlanta mayor "...we are still coming."

Mayor Bottoms pulling for "anybody other than the Saints"

January 16, 2019

As we noted HERE yesterday, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms can NOT have her Falcons fan credentials questioned; when asked by a reporter which two teams she's pulling for to be in Super Bowl 55 - the game her city's hosting February 3rd, she said "just anybody other than the Saints." For extra credit, she even said there'd likely be a "bounty" on her head for saying it. If you don't remember the Saints' "bountygate" scandal, review that here. It was ugly. 

"As long as it's not the Saints then I'm happy."

Y'all, that's a REAL #riseup answer from a REAL Atlanta Falcons' fan. But you have to know, the thin-skinned nature of WhoDat nation meant they were gonna speak out of turn - meaning before they've even clinched a berth in the game - to pronounce that they're still coming. 

At the city's Public Works committee meeting Tuesday, New Orleans councilman Jay Banks told Beau Evans of the New Orleans Times Picayune/ that he was "disappointed" she had those feelings and added "but we are still coming; and it's not our fault her team sucks." He had PLENTY more to say, and you're invited to seethe over his comments HERE.

Councilman Joe Giarrusso piled on, thusly: "I think I can say on behalf of the whole council, Mayor Bottoms, we expect to see you in Atlanta in just a couple of weeks."

One small problem: they still have to beat the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday afternoon. We. Shall. See. 

Sadly, because there were people actually outraged, she had to clarify to local media Tuesday afternoon that her answer was just "a joke," saying she is 'thankful' for "those who come to Atlanta for this Super Bowl." Even Saints fans. Even Patriot fans, she said. 

Personally, being a Falcons' lifer, I don't blame her one bit for saying what ALL Falcons' fans are thinking. She even backed up her initial answer with some logic: "but I don't know of a Falcons fan that wants New Orleans and the Patriots in the Super Bowl."