"New" Coke will be "new" again

provided by The Coca-Cola Company

'New' Coke is making a comeback ... thanks to 'Stranger Things'

See the sneak peak/product placement.

May 21, 2019

The "original" replacement FOR the "original" formula of Coca-Cola - "new Coke" - will be a marketing feature in season three of Netflix's "Stranger Things," this summer. With the 79-day attempt at replacing the old (and now current) Coca-Cola formula taking place in 1985, it's easy to surmise the series' storyline will take place in the summer of that year.

Watch this sneak peak and see the product placement for yourself.

What's REALLY exciting is that Coca-Cola's announced a limited edition run of the famously panned product this summer in a release

"Beyond appearing prominently on screen throughout Stranger Things Season 3, New Coke will be available in the “real world” beginning Thursday, May 23, at 5 p.m. ET, when Coca-Cola will release a limited number of 12-oz. cans of New Coke – yes, the same recipe from 1985 – as part of a bundle when shoppers buy at least two limited-edition Stranger Things Coca-Cola or Coke Zero Sugar 8-oz. glass bottles at CokeStore.com/1985," the release states. 

But wait, there's more ... as in more "product placement" and cross-marketing GENIUS. Watch!